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Social Content for Monday, August 2

Engage your audience with topics that will get results:

You could also ask your audience to try and change their minds by posting a song title under an 'overrated' band in the comment section that will change their mind.

What did your parents do to you that made you promise to yourself that you never do that to your own children?

--"They always had me late or last minute to everything. I’ll never do that to my kids because, having it done to me, I know it’s all the parent's fault."

--"That feeling, when you are the last kid to be picked up after a school event that they didn’t attend, and my teacher asking if I called, and if she said she was on her way, and how far away we lived, and then a big sigh while we continued to wait, in the dark, outside school, after everyone else has gone home, and me just wanting to disappear."

--"My parents never thought anything I did was a big deal. I LOVED art class but I remember showing my mom artwork and she'd tell me she could make that herself, ok thanks."

What says "I love you" better than saying "I love you?

--"Listening and remembering the small details."


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