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Content for Monday, August 16

Study: Over Thirty Percent of Americans Say it’s Not Necessary to Shower Daily

31 percent of Americans surveyed say it’s not necessary to shower daily. Thirty-five percent of those who think cleanliness is vital say they shower every day, while 15 percent do so every other day. Only 8 percent of respondents take showers once a week and a mere 4 percent like to soap up more than twice a day. One in three respondents acknowledge that breaking a sweat is an indicator to hit the showers. Another third of the poll say they shower after noticing they have greasy hair and smelling unpleasant. More than three in 10 claim they’re “too busy to take a shower,” while 53 percent say they always make room for good hygiene no matter what. When it comes to kids’ bathing habits, 84 percent of parents of children up to nine years-old believe bath time is a “crucial” part of their daily routine. Thirty-five percent of parents prioritize bath time for their young children by sticking them in the shower seven or more times a week, especially when they’re sweaty (37%) and smelly (32%). Overall, 69 percent of parents think good hygiene is essential for their little ones, saying they bathe their children more than they do themselves.

Moms With Young Kids Drinking MORE Since The Start of The Pandemic

Moms with young kids increased their alcohol consumption by nearly 325 percent between the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the end of last year. Overall US drinking consumption was 39 percent higher in November 2020 than the previous February, before the virus hit the country. The general recommended drinking guidelines for men allow up to four drinks per day but no more than 14 drinks per week, while for women, it’s no more than three drinks a day or seven drinks per week. Americans exceeding those guidelines increased by 27 percent from February and April of 2020 — and jumped to 39 percent between February and November. Additionally, binge drinking that increased 26 percent between February and April 2020 only jumped further, to 30 percent, between February and November. More women disproportionately reported exceeding the recommended drinking guidelines than men between April and November 2020. Women with children under age 5 in their homes increased alcohol consumption 323 percent. Researchers note, “Women are more likely to use alcohol to cope with stress, depression, and anxiety, and all these are a natural response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Alcohol consumption among women has been on the uptick for the past two decades, and our study suggests the pandemic may only exacerbate that trend.” Relaxed alcohol regulations during the pandemic such as curbside pickup from liquor stores, made access to booze easier.

Four in Five Parents Are Eager For Their Kids to Return to the Classroom

A survey of 2,000 American parents finds 76% were originally excited about learning from home last March, but then became tired of it six weeks into virtual learning. During the pandemic, 72% of kids treated at-home schooling like a summer vacation. 68 percent of parents admit remote learning became increasingly difficult for them as time went on. Now, 81% of parents are ready to have their kids go back to class. Problem is, 63% of families have lost any sense of a morning routine during the pandemic. More than half of parents (58%) agree school day mornings are the most stressful part of their day. Some daily stressors for parents include getting their kids out of bed (42%), waking themselves up (39%), making breakfast (33%), and getting their kid dressed (25%). Fifty-nine percent of parents struggle to wake their kids up for school in the morning. The vast majority of parents (87%) have two or more alarms set to wake their entire household in the morning. To get their kids out of bed on time, parents will turn on the lights (46%), sound loud alarms (39%), open the curtains (33%), play music (29%), or send a pet into the kid’s room (29%).

The Most Vaccine-Hesitant Group of All? PhDs

A new study found that the most educated are the least likely to get the COVID vaccine. Researchers (from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh) analysed more than 5 million survey responses by a range of different demographic details, and classed those people who would “probably” or “definitely” not choose to get vaccinated as “vaccine hesitant.” In some respects the findings are as predicted — for example the paper finds that there is a strong correlation between counties with higher Trump support in the 2020 presidential election and higher hesitancy in the period January 2021 — May 2021. But more surprising is the breakdown in vaccine hesitancy by level of education. It finds that the association between hesitancy and education level follows a U-shaped curve with the highest hesitancy among those least and most educated. People with a master’s degree had the least hesitancy, and the highest hesitancy was among those holding a Ph.D. What’s more, the paper found that in the first five months of 2021, the largest decrease in hesitancy was among the least educated — those with a high school education or less. Meanwhile, hesitancy held constant in the most educated group; by May, those with Ph.Ds were the most hesitant group.

The US Has a New 5th Largest City

The Census Bureau dropped new data showing how the country has changed over the past ten years. We have a new top-five list of largest cities in America. The first four haven’t changed: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston. The newcomer comes in at No. 5: Phoenix. 1.6 million people now reside in Phoenix. The city’s population grew 11% over the past decade, growing from a population of 1,445,632 to 1,608,129. The Census Bureau also determined the median age in Phoenix to be about 34, and the median income tops $60,000. Philadelphia, formerly the fifth largest American city, has dropped into sixth place. San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas and San Jose round out the rest of the top 10.

There Aren't Enough Dogs to Go Around

If you are wanting to get a dog, you may have to wait a while because dogs are in short supply at the moment and it looks like it might get worse before it gets better. A growing demand for dogs during a crackdown on imports, plus more regulations on breeders, is causing a severe shortage of the animals in the U.S. Successful spay and neuter programs have also meant the number of shelter animals plummeted over the last several decades, adding to the shortage.

Refuse to Get a Vaccine? You Might Get Hit with Expensive Medical Bills

People who choose not to get vaccinated against COVID could be hit with massive medical bills as insurance companies look at ways to pass along the costs of treatment. More than 90% of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 are unvaccinated. Since 41% of eligible Americans have not yet been fully immunized against the virus, a new tactic is being pushed: making the unvaccinated pay a larger share of their medical bills. Advocates say tens of millions of Americans who refuse vaccination make it riskier for everyone else. A Kaiser Family Foundation survey last November found that 88% of people had health insurance plans that shielded COVID-19 patients from copayments, coinsurance or annual deductibles that might require families to spend $2,800 or more before coverage kicks in. Now that vaccines are free and available to all Americans 12 and older, insurers have scaled back those waivers. Experts say patients hospitalized with COVID-19 could face significant bills as a result –and those patients are mainly the unvaccinated.

Woman Using Gun’s Laser Sight to Play With Cat Shoots Friend

A 21-year-old Wisconsin man was shot straight through his thigh when a friend was using the laser sight of a handgun to play with a cat... and the gun went off. The man thought he had taken the magazine out, but when his friend started playing with it, she fired a round. The guy was taken to a local hospital. He was also charged for having a weapon in violation of conditions of his bond. He was out on bond in connection with another shooting at another home. No injuries to the cat were reported.

Live Nation to Require Vaccines For Concertgoers 'Everywhere Possible'

Concert promoter and venue operator Live Nation plans to require COVID-19 vaccines for its patrons “everywhere possible” beginning Oct. 4. The move to mandate shots for concert-goers comes after the company initially said it would leave the decision whether to require inoculations up to individual artists. The new rule will only be in effect “where permitted by law." Employees will also have to be vaccinated and be required to have tested negative for COVID. Live Nation is the largest live events company in the US. Its competitor AEG Presents on Thursday announced plans to require proof of shots starting Oct. 1.

First Live Asian Giant 'Murder Hornet' of 2021 Has Been Spotted

The first live Asian giant "murder hornet" of 2021 has been spotted in Washington state. Entomologists said it was spotted by a person in a rural area east of the town of Blaine. Nobody is sure how the murder hornets, which are typically found in Japan and parts of Asia. The murder hornet spotted in Washington was seen attacking wasp nests, which is how they get their famous name. Plus, the hornets' toxic venom and large stingers are known for killing dozens of people each year in Japan and China. So far there have been no reported deaths in the United States.

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Jason Aldean Praises Crowd For Not Wearing Masks

  1. During his concert in New York, Jason Aldean got the crowd fired up when he told them he was so happy to see there were no masks being work. The crowd chanted, ‘USA, USA'. (Censored - but preview before airing)

Lizzo Breaks Down Over Social Media Bullying

  1. Lizzo broke down on Instagram Live Sunday, while she spoke about the personal attacks she's seen on social media.

  2. Lizzo says the harder she works, the more sensative she gets.

Billie Eilish Nervous Reading Comments About New Album

  1. Billie Eilish says she wasn't nervous about the release of her new album, until she started reading the comments online.

Kevin Hart Awkwardly Reacts To Don Cheadle's Age

  1. Kevin Hart’s recent interview with actor Don Cheadle gave viewers an awkwardly hilarious moment this week, as the comic was taken aback once learning his age. The viral moment took place on Hart’s new Peacock talk show, “Hart to Heart.”

Tim McGraw Watched His Daughter's Make-Out Scene In New Video

  1. Tim McGraw's new video features his own 19-year-old daughter, Audrey. He talked about having a hard time watching some of the scenes where she kisses her co-star.


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