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Content for Friday, Sept 24

Restaurant Drive-Thrus are Slower and Less Accurate

Restaurant drive-thrus have become slower and less accurate in 2021. The average total time spent in the drive-thru lane increased to 382 seconds. Compared with pre-pandemic times, that’s nearly a minute longer. Order accuracy dropped to 85% this year. In 2020 it was 87%. The study used mystery shoppers to wait in drive-thru lines across 10 chains and 1,492 restaurant locations from July through early August to compile the annual study. More than half of the orders placed happened during lunch hours. In August, drive-thru visits climbed 11% compared with the same time two years ago. Chick-fil-A topped the list for order accuracy, followed by Taco Bell. Arby’s, Carl’s Jr. and Burger King all tied for third place. The labor crunch could be one reason for the drag on drive-thru times and accuracy this year. Another potential explanation for the lag in drive-thru times could be the return of longer menus. It’s taking people longer to decide what to order due to the amount of choices available.

People Reveal the Worse Mistakes They’ve Made at Work

From sending an email to the wrong person to shattering a priceless historical artifact, people have shared their biggest workplace errors in online confessions. The thread was kickstarted when a woman revealed, “Today I was b-tching about a colleague and accidentally sent him the messages I meant to send to the colleague I was b-tching with. I referred to him as a ‘mofo’ in the messages. Yes, it was incredibly childish and unprofessional and I'm mortified. I know, there's no need to tell me. I'm also very worried about the consequences. I can't sleep because of it, so please cheer me up with your embarrassing work stories.” Others were quick to offer up their own embarrassing tales. One wrote, “I opened an attachment that downloaded ransomware and took out our whole server. Small business, no IT department, boss on holiday at the time. Thankfully I was also in charge of the off site back up that wasn’t scrambled so we didn’t loose too much work. But it was all together quite horrific.” Another revealed how an error could have led to a major financial catastrophe, revealing, “I was a very junior worker and I worked in corporate banking. I was making high value transfers and managed to invest half a million pounds into the wrong person's account by transposing the account number. Luckily the bank were able to recall the amount.” Some working in the medical field wrote, “I was changing a man's catheter and missed the bin when disposing of the old one. It ricocheted into my face and I got urine in my mouth.”

Powerball Jackpot Jumps To $523 Million

The Powerball jackpot now stands at $523 million after no winning ticket was sold in Wednesday’s drawing. The odds of winning are 1 in 24.9 no matter the size of the jackpot but the odds of winning the full Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292.2 million. The next drawing will be tomorrow (Saturday).

(You've Been Doing it Wrong!) -- Allegedly, Getting High Before Exercise Is The Secret To Sticking With A Fitness Routine

Some athletes saying getting high before exercising is the secret to sticking with a fitness routine. Experts say THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, is chemically similar to natural compounds our body produces during exercise. And using cannabis properly may enhance the benefits of working out while easing side effects like aches or fatigue. For the best possible experience, experts recommend starting with a low dose, a calm activity and a familiar environment. But they warn that some people, such as those with heart problems or anxiety, should avoid exercising while stoned.

‘Tiger King 2’ Will Premiere This Year

A second season of “Tiger King” is coming to Netflix later this year. Netflix revealed yesterday (Thursday) that there will be another season titled “Tiger King 2.” Although it remains unclear exactly when in the timeline of events the second season takes place… footage within Netflix’s announcement video shows clips of Carole Baskin, Jeff Lowe and Joe Exotic phoning in from jail. Baskin slammed the news of the second season saying she wouldn’t call the show’s directors true documentarians. She also called season one “a reality show dumpster fire.”

Credit Card Rewards Programs Making Cash A Thing Of The Past

Credit card reward programs are making people less likely to use cash. Researchers surveyed 2,000 Americans and found that 74% use their credit card often enough to hit the minimum spending requirement to get reward benefits and points. And 55% of cardholders have used rewards to almost entirely pay for a vacation including cashing in on airline points for flights averaging around five-hours in length. The survey also found that 53% experienced certain events for the first time because of their credit card’s rewards program including fancy meals and concerts.

Woman Has Baby For Facebook Friend. Now, It's A Custody War

A woman in Massachusetts had a baby for a Facebook friend and she now wants the baby back. It all started when a woman and her partner couldn’t have a baby so they turned to Facebook to find a surrogate. They found a couple willing to have a baby for them. Without meeting in person or involving lawyers, the women to what they viewed as an informal surrogacy. But the relationship between the parties soured after the child's birth in December 2017, when thebiological parents decided they wanted the baby back. That led to a custody battle which has been now going on for three-years. Right now the woman who couldn’t have a baby is raising the child, but the biological mother appealed the decision to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.

Ohio Offers New Vaccine Incentive For Young People: College Scholarships

Ohio is now offering college scholarships to young people to encourage them to get the COVID vaccine. State residents aged 12 to 25 who receive the vaccine can enter a new lottery making them eligible for five $100,000 college scholarships and fifty $10,000 scholarships. Winners can put the money toward anything from college to trade school to other advancement opportunities. Only 46% of residents aged 12-25 statewide have received the initial dose of the vaccine.

Twitter To Allow Tipping Using Bitcoin

Twitter will now allow people to tip other accounts using bitcoin. The social media company tested the feature called Tips to select users in May. Twitter rolled out a new feature to all users yesterday (Thursday) and the company takes no cut of the money exchanged.

Cat & Movie Lovers, Enjoy... Twitter Account Dedicated To Documenting If There Are Cats in Movies Or Not

A Twitter account has been created and it's dedicated solely to documenting if there are cats in movies or not.


Today's AUDIO:

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Camera Capture Gorillas Having Oral Sex At Zoo

  1. Families at the Bronx Zoo in New York were surprised when two gorillas started having what appeard to be oral sex in front of the viewing window. A video shows patrons saying "Awww", then "Oh no!" (Content warning)

Kylie Jenner Answers 73 Questions For 'Vogue'

  1. Kylie Jenner says she and her family are on a group chat all day long.

  2. Kylie talks about filming 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians', and some of the crazy rumors about her family.

  3. Kylie on being pregnant with her second child, and some of the cravings she's having.

Aaron Rodgers Reveals Reason He's Growing Out His Hair

  1. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers says he has has spent almost a year growing long hair because he plans to dress up like one of his "heroes" for Halloween.

Daniel Craig Gives Advice To The Next 'Bond'

  1. Daniel Craig was asked what advice he would give the next actor to play 'James Bond', "Don't be s**t." (Censored)

  2. Craig talked about how he really tried to take care of the role.


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