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Content for Friday, Sept 17

Is it Acceptable to Order Delivery During a Storm?

A YouGov poll shows that Americans are divided on whether or not it is acceptable to order delivery food during a severe storm. 45% say it’s acceptable. 48% say it’s not. Men are more likely to say this decision is acceptable (51%) than not (41%), while most women oppose it (40% in favor, 54% opposed). In cities, the decision to order food during a storm is viewed as acceptable by 43% and not acceptable by 49%. Suburbanites slightly approve of the behavior (50% say it is acceptable, 49% do not). Those who live in rural areas are split (45% vs 46%), while people living in towns express the strongest disapproval (40% vs 51%). People who order food to be delivered during a severe storm are expected by Americans to add a markup to the usual tip. Only about one-third (36%) suggest tipping below 20% on a delivery made during a severe storm. Half (52%) say it’s necessary to tip at least 20% in these circumstances, including 15% of adults who suggest a tip of 30% or more.

TikToker Sparks Generational Debate after Comparing a ‘Gen Z Table’ to a ‘Boomer Table’ at a Restaurant

Should you clean your own table at a restaurant? That question is sparking a generational debate on TikTok. A video on TikTok claims to show the difference between a “Gen Z table” and a “boomer table.” The video first shows a booth where the “younger generation” allegedly ate. The table is mostly cleaned off, with the plates and silverware stacked at the end for the waitstaff. The woman who posted the video, followed up in the video’s comments to explain that this was the table where she and her friends ate. Next, she shows the “older” table, where plates and cups are still left in their original places. Some users were surprised the younger diners left a cleaner table. One user wrote: “If the clean table isn’t the older generation, I don’t know anything anymore. I’m 38 and I always do this.” Other users argued that age has nothing to do with it: “Stop blaming the generations and blame the way someone was raised.” Another said: “It’s a respect thing.” Some commenters questioned whether or not stacking the plates was even helpful: “I’ve had waiters tell me not to do this.” “As a server, I genuinely don’t care [if you do this].”

What Women Actually Look for in a Guy

According to a study conducted with over 60,000 women from all over the world, the number one thing that almost 90% of them ranked as the most important trait they wanted in a partner was... kindness. In the same study, almost 45% of the women said they prefer men with average or “dad bods” over extremely muscular men. In fact, only 2.5% of the women surveyed said they favor very muscular partners.

Nearly Half of New Gun Owners are Women

As gun registrations climbed to an all-time high in 2020, a report shows women account for nearly half of those purchases, which is way above the 10-20% of gun owners they usually represent. About 3.5 million women and 4 million men became first-time gun owners between January 2019 and April 2021. The survey polled 19,000 people, many of whom listed the #MeToo movement, civil unrest following the killing of George Floyd last year, threats of defunded police departments, and the coronavirus pandemic as reasons for their decisions to purchase a firearm.

Just Over Half of Americans Can Name All Three Branches of Government

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania say knowledge about civics has actually increased over the last year, reaching its highest levels since 2006. Their study finds 56 percent of Americans are now capable of naming all three branches of government.In 2006, just 33 percent of respondents could accurately say the three branches include the executive, legislative, and judicial. Americans have also come out of the last year with a great understanding of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Three-quarters of the poll (74%) correctly stated that the First Amendment protects the freedom of speech. However, fewer respondents knew it also protects the freedom of religion (56%), freedom of the press (50%), the right to assembly (30%), or the right to petition (20%). The public is still fuzzy on how long the people they elect to public office stay in those jobs. Just 35 percent correctly said that a U.S. senator serves for six years. Only 36 percent knew that a congressman serves for two years.

Thanksgiving Turkey Shopping Has Already Started For Supermarkets

Supermarkets are already buying turkeys for Thanksgiving due to the supply-chain challenges brought on by the pandemic. Supermarket executives said they have secured many holiday staples after ordering more products such as stuffing and gravy from a wider range of brands than usual. They say they are buying goods earlier to make sure they get as many products as possible from suppliers ahead of the holidays. But they are also warning that consumers may not find every brand, flavor or size of food they want for Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. And shoppers may also see higher holiday shopping bills as stores pass down cost increases in transportation, labor and commodities.

(It's Come To THIS)... Pennsylvania Starts Liquor Rationing; Booze Will Be Limited to 2 Bottles a Day

Pennsylvania’s state-run liquor system will begin rationing sales of a few dozen products today in response to what it describes as supply shortages beyond its control. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board notified license holders that the two-bottles-per-day purchase limits for customers at state stores, as well as well for bars, restaurants and other license holders, will remain in place indefinitely. The PLCB said “sustained supply chain disruptions and product shortages” prompted the restrictions on certain types of alcohol. The list of rationed booze contains specific types of champagne, bourbon, tequila, cognac and whiskey. The rationing will remain in place “for the foreseeable future” and until the supply chain becomes more reliable. Supply shortages in North Carolina have caused restaurants and bars to scramble to find popular brands, with supply shortages made more acute because of pandemic-era increases in customer demand.

NFL: Tom Brady Believes He Can Play Until He’s 50

Tom Brady says the concept of playing in the NFL at age 50 doesn’t seem difficult. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have their iconic quarterback hosting the Tommy & Gronky show with tight end Rob Gronkowski, where the two answer what is supposed to be “the internet’s most searched questions.” One of the questions asked this week: “Can Tom Brady play until 50 years old?” Brady said, “I don’t find it so difficult, and plus living in Florida it’s kind of a retiree state. I feel like I can just play and glide into retirement. I think I can, I think it’s a yes.”

Walmart Worker Quits Job Over PA System

A woman who filmed a now-viral rant where she criticized Walmart managers and quit her job using the store's PA system says she's overwhelmed by the support she's received in the span of a couple days. Beth McGrath worked at Walmart for nearly five years. In the video she says, "I'm tired of the constant gaslighting. This company treats their elderly associates like s***." McGrath goes on to accuse her store's manager of being a "pervert" and criticizes others over the treatment of her co-workers. She says, "Shame on y'all for treating your associates the way you do. I hope you don't speak to your families the way you speak to us." She closed out the video by praising some of her fellow associates, adding "Walmart doesn't deserve y'all." McGrath has since made up a follow-up video where she thanked everyone who encouraged her on social media.

Lawsuit Seeks $1M After Teacher Cuts Girl’s Hair

The father of a 7-year-old girl in Michigan whose hair was cut by a teacher without her parents’ permission has filed a $1 million lawsuit against the school district. The man said that in March his daughter arrived home from school with much of the hair on one side of her head cut. She said a classmate used scissors to cut her hair on a school bus. Two days after the bus incident, she arrived home with the hair on the other side cut. She said the teacher cut her hair to even it out. In July, the teacher who cut the girl’s hair was reprimanded. The dad filed the $1 million lawsuit claiming his daughter’s rights were violated.

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'Karen' Attacks Restaurant Worker For Not Wearing A Mask

  1. An allegedly drunk woman attacks a California restaurant worker for not wearing a mask before hitting another who tried to intervene. The unnamed woman, branded a 'Karen' after the cellphone footage went viral, was filmed pushing, throwing things at and spraying cleaning spray at a female employee at Market Broiler in Huntington Beach, California. Despite not wearing a mask herself, the Karen attacks the restaurant supervisor, demanding to see her vaccination card.

Customer Allegedly Kicked Out Of Restaurant For Not Being Vaccinated

  1. A customer was kicked out of a Brooklyn, New York, restaurant for allegedly not being vaccinated, comparing the city’s mandate and enforcement to “segregation” in a video circulating on social media. The incident unfolded at Juliana’s Pizza when a group of customers was approached by a staff member and told to leave after they allegedly did not show proof of vaccination.

Tom Brady Wonders If He Can Play Until Age 50

  1. Tom Brady joined tight end Rob Gronkowski to answer viewer questions. One popular question was whether Brady can continue to play football until he's 50.

  2. Brady and Gronkowski wonder if Tom's wife, Gisele, would let him play until he's 50.

Pizza Roll Pooper Has Been Caught

  1. Shirley Wright-Johnson was shopping with her kids at an Oklahoma City grocery store when she reached into a freezer for some pizza rolls, and found human feces was on the bag. Shirley talks about what happened. (Preview before airing)

  2. Lieutenant Kyle Johnson of the Moore, Oklahoma Police Department says video shows a man taking pictures of women in the store and then visiting the freezer section.


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