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Content for Friday, October 8

Users Want Their Cannabis in Edibles

Most users prefer to get their cannabis from a gummy than by smoking. For preferences, 53% surveyed chose edibles, 39% of users selected smoking; 22% said they like to use a vaporizer; and 17% want it in a beverage. And 60% of users answered yes to, "Would you consume cannabis with a grandparent?" More than half of respondents told Survey Monkey they use cannabis, with 28% saying they do so daily, 15% monthly, and 39% a few times a year. Among users, 64% say they use it for relaxation, 43% for a sleep aid, 40% for pain management, and 37% for health and wellness. Recreation users totaled 39%.

Industries With High Stress Levels

Stressed, much? According to LinkedIn’s latest Workforce Confidence Index, stress levels correlate closely with where you work. Stress is highest in the arts industry, where 84% reported work-related stress. Other industries that largely rely on in-person contact — including healthcare (75%), education (73%) and recreation (73%) — also show high stress. Meanwhile, fields more suited to remote work show noticeably lower stress, including tech (64%) and law (65%). Stress is lowest in fields where outdoor work is the norm, like construction and energy and mining.

Divorced Parents are Going to Court Over Vaccinating their Kids

Divorced parents who disagree about coronavirus vaccination are taking their fights to court. A family lawyer in Pennsylvania says she has seen a huge uptick in calls about the coronavirus vaccines. Shared legal custody means regardless of whom the child lives with, parents must agree on issues like education, religious upbringing and medical care. A physician in California took her ex-husband to court so she could vaccinate their 12-year-old. Her ex had previously agreed to all other childhood vaccines. Now he told her the coronavirus vaccines were experimental and dangerous, and that there were safer, more effective treatments. All 50 states require some vaccines such as for chickenpox, whooping cough and polio for children to enter public school. In 41 states, parents must always consent to a coronavirus vaccine for children under 18. A family lawyer in Dallas, says that in most Texas cases, “the parents each have the independent right to consent to noninvasive medical decisions.” However, if the divorce decree requires joint decision-making, then the parents must take the issue to court. A family lawyer in the Houston area predicts most judges would rule to vaccinate.

Playing ‘Active’ Video Games Can Be Just as Healthy as Jogging

If you play the right kind of video games, you can actually improve your health by as much as you do while jogging. Researchers say playing “active” video games produces similar health benefits to exercising on a treadmill. Active video games focus on the player using body movements to control the game to score points. Results show that active video games produced “very similar physiological effects” when the team compared the results to those from traditional treadmill exercising. The main difference the team discovered is that the volunteers found video games much more motivating and fun than running on a treadmill. The team says video games shouldn’t become a complete replacement for exercise, but these ‘exergames’ can help people stay more active.

'Squid Game’ Facts That Make You Appreciate The Show Even More

1. Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk originally came up with the idea for the show in 2008, when he was in a lot of debt and his family was struggling financially. 2. The script initially took a year to write, but it was rejected everywhere until being picked up by Netflix 10 years later, in 2019. 3. Hwang originally wrote it as a movie, and when he decided to turn it into the series. 4. The title and key game are inspired by the real squid game, which was his favorite thing to play as a child. He chose it because he felt that it symbolizes society. 5. Hwang had Lee Jung-jae and Park Hae-soo in mind for the roles of Gi-hun and Sang-woo from the start, but for roles like Sae-byeok, Il-nam, and Ali, he deliberately searched for actors who were not well known. 6. He says casting Sae-byeok was difficult, but as soon as he saw the audition tape of Jung Ho-yeon — who was working in New York as a model at the time — he knew he'd found the right person for the role. 7. Ji-young was originally a boy, but Hwang changed the character to be a girl. His intent was to explore the bond between two women, something that is apparent when she and Sae-byeok immediately connect. 8. The giant doll from "Red Light, Green Light" is based on iconic character illustrations from children’s textbooks in the ‘70s and ‘80s. 9. For the Dalgona Challenge, the crew brought in an expert to make real dalgona for three days while filming took place. 10. The playground set was made HUGE to resemble the way real playgrounds feel so big when you're a kid. 11. To film the tug-of-war scene, a machine was used to "tug" on the other side of the rope, which the actors say made it really difficult and exhausting. 12. And the set for the glass stepping stones game was over a meter above the ground, which made the cast genuinely scared. 13. The dorm was designed to look like a warehouse, highlighting the way the humans in it are treated as objects. 14. The coffins were shaped like gift boxes to signify the way the creator of the game felt as though he was a god, giving contestants a gift even in death. 15. Art director Chae Kyung-sun was inspired by fencing masks, as well as traditional Korean masks called Haehotal, for the staff's masks. 16. The design of the room with the incinerators was modeled after the Auschwitz concentration camp. 17. Lee Jung-jae worked closely with Hwang on set in order to enhance Gi-hun's characterization, and make sure he was likable. For example, the moment in Episode 1 where he runs into Sae-byeok and pauses to pick up her coffee was improvised. 18. Filming wrapped in November 2020. 19. If there is a Season 2 of Squid Game, Hwang says it will explore the story of the Front Man.

Bieber Fans ‘Confused’ as Diane Keaton Plays Love Interest in New Video

Justin Bieber’s fans are “confused” as actress Diane Keaton appears in his new music video. Diane, who is 75-years-old, plays Justin’s love interest in the video for “Ghost.” Wednesday Justin shared a teaser clip from the music video, which beings with him cuddling with Diane as they spend time near the water. Justin and Diane then happily dance in a crowded bar and hug for a while. The teaser clip ended with Justin and Diane happily looking at each other on the beach, while text on screen revealed that the full music video will be released toay. Bieber fans are confused with his love interest in the music video. A lot of fans commented, “Whaaat?” "Ghost" is the 6th single off of Justin’s 2021 album “Justice.”

MLB: Mattress Mack places $2 million Bet On An Astros World Series Title, Which Would Pay Out a Record $22 million

In June Houston-based business owner Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale used the William Hill mobile app to bet $2 million (+1000) on the Astros to win the World Series, which would payout $22 million -- the largest amount in U.S. sports betting history -- if successful. McIngvale, who threw out the first pitch to rapper Bun B before Game 1 of the ALDS at Minute Maid Park, made the bets to hedge for his "Astros Win" promotion. The promotion allows Gallery Furniture mattress buyers who spent $3,000 or more to get their money back if the Astros win it all. McIngvale says his liability is $20 million, so his William Hill bet would cover it and then some. But the William Hill bet wasn't the only one McIngvale made. In June bet a combined $1.25 million across three other sportsbooks on an Astros World Series win, which would payout a whopping $35.6 million.

Guy Hits 143mph in Fastest Lawnmower Ever Built

A man who has built the fastest lawnmower of all time just set a Guinness World Record. He hit 143mph on a race track, then cut some grass to prove it's a lawnmower, to claim the Guinness World Record for fastest lawnmower ever. He broke the record by almost 10mph. The 57-year-old speed-lover powered his home-made contraption with a 1300cc Suzuki motorbike engine. He used the front suspension from a kit car and a trike conversion kit for the rear. The guy said it took two years to build.

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