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Content for Friday, May 21

Is it OK To Swear At Work?

Is there value in swearing at work, or should workers avoid it out of a sense of caution? Experts say that doing so can help relieve stress and difficult emotions at work, and may help you fit in with teams where it's a common practice. But others also argue that workers could inadvertently offend colleagues — particularly higher-ups used to more conservative workplace etiquette. Moreover, research has also found that women and people of color are also seen as more obscene if they swear.

What Does Your Sleepwear Say About You?

Psychologists say choice of sleepwear says a lot about an individual's personality. The findings suggest naked sleepers are more likely to be at a stage of 'contentment' with their life, while 'ambitious' personalities tend to opt for silky or satin styles. 'Organized' people opt for buttoned pajamas while wearing a gown to bed can indicate that you 'lack confidence in your personal life.' What does your style say about You? Flannel/ button pajamas A flannel, buttoned set of pajamas can indicate that you value your health and hygiene. Many of those who wear buttoned pajamas display strong organization skills, but can also fear having only small levels of control on situations. Satin/ silk sets Satin or Silk pajamas can indicate that you are both aspirational and a traditionalist. Those who opt for satin or silky sleepwear are often 'ambitious to achieve more in life and outperform the status quo.’ Some may even place stronger emphasis on their career than their happiness. Fleece pajamas/ cozy pajamas Wearing cozy pajamas, or an oversized jumper, especially those that are branded with cartoons or characters from our youth can indicate that you are a person of nostalgia. For many of these people, family comes first with loyalty and integrity both key personality traits. It is often found that people who wear oversized clothing are subconsciously wanting to go back in time; often to a time when they were happier in life or happier in their body. Negligee/ baby doll Those who prefer a babydoll set are often focused on 'self-love and self-confidence' and are 'striving' to get recognition for their achievements in life. You are most likely to find solace in being the center of attention. Sexy lingerie have been popularized as glamorous and for those who are admired and adorned. Buying and wearing this type of sleepwear reflects a person's want to be perceived in this way. Big t-shirt and pants An oversized t-shirt can indicate that you are a free spirited individual who doesn't lack confidence. Comfortable in your own skin, your goals are to live life on your own terms. Big t-shirts, unlike oversized full-length night tops, is a reflection of your lack of care for the opinions of others. Gown A dressing gown can indicate that you 'lack confidence in your personal life. Those who wear dressing gowns are 'seeking an envelope of protection away from issues that are worrying them. Wear socks to bed Wearing socks to bed or in bed can indicate that an individual is pragmatic and controlled in many aspects of their life. Those who regularly wear socks to bed could be seen to be lacking in empathy and strive for efficient performance in their day-to-day activities, leaving nothing to chance. Wearing socks to bed is an indicator that you value the important things in life and don't pay too much time or attention to the details that don't matter. Saving time in your routine whether it is wearing socks to bed, or brushing your teeth in the shower, is reflective of a personality which values efficiency over many other things. Nothing – sleep nude Sleeping completely naked could indicate that you are at a stage of 'contentment' with your life. Many of those who sleep naked are unafraid of judgement, and value their own opinions at a higher regard than others. Many of those who regularly sleep naked may describe themselves as "go-getters" and "glass-half-full' types.

Lego Unveils First LGBTQ Set

Lego unveiled its first LGBTQ set. The "Everyone Is Awesome" set comes with 346-pieces and 11 figures… each with an assigned rainbow color. The new product will go on sale at the beginning of June to mark Pride Month.

(Newsflash!)... Women Are Turned On By Charm & Cash While Men Go On Looks

Women are turned on by money and charms while men are turned on by looks. Researchers surveyed over 7,300 dating site users aged 18 to 65. They found men in their 20s value looks, age and physical build four-times more than young women do… while for young women, personality is three-times more important than it is to men. And in general women like high income, intelligence and emotional connection.

(TOPIC STARTER)... "What's The ONE Thing You Regret Doing For Your Wedding Day?

Reddit user u/yomnlo3 asked: "What's the one thing you regret doing for your wedding day?" Replies include: "Not using a cut-down version of the first dance song. Nearly 7-minutes of two people dancing to a song that was effectively meaningless to everyone else. Should have made a 2 or 3 minutes version." -- "First dance songs should be: the first verse and the chorus, then immediate fade into a party song so everyone else can join you on the dance floor." "Not telling the photographer to back off sooner. Every 10 minutes they were pulling us out of the reception to take additional pictures. We missed like 1/3 of our wedding because of it. "Oh and they never took the "family" photo." "Hiring a shi**y photographer. Every single image was over-exposed so that everyone looks shiny against a nearly black background. Images taken by guests' phones were 1000 times better. It's an awful feeling to not want to look at your own wedding photos because of how awful they turned out." "Beaches always look romantic... until the seagulls show up." "The father's speech... Everyone had second-hand cringe at my friend's wedding when his father talked about how awesome his other son is instead of the groom. I mean, I knew that the older son was the favorite but I didn't see it so obviously until that day." "Not having some help for after the party to help tie up the loose ends and tidy up and late messes." "We missed our cake! Someone cut the cake and started passing out slices while we were socializing. We also forgot to eat the regular meal. Luckily, there was a Taco Bell across the street from the hotel." "Painful shoes. My stepmother purchased them for me because they were PERFECT for my dress. I tried them on, they fit ok, but the next time I had them on was the actual wedding, and my god those bit**es pinched! I'm standing on one foot or the other in almost all the casual pictures, trying to ease the pain. Otherwise the wedding was beautiful..." "Having the wedding. Both of our parents offered giving us the money that would have been paid for everything, if we would elope with a small ceremony. "We opted for the wedding instead of taking the couple grand to have as a down payment, or extra cushion in finances, etc."

Bridesmaids Ordered to ‘Hit the Gym’ if They’re Not a Size 8

A bridesmaid dropped out of a wedding after her friend made her wedding party weight contingent. The bride’s demand was captured in screenshots that was shared to a Reddit thread. According to the bridesmaid’s post, the bride wrote that anyone in her bridal party above a size 8 will have to lose weight to participate in her wedding. The bride wrote, "I handpicked all the dresses for the bridesmaids that will be there and they will all be a size 8. So if you’re not a size 8 I recommend hitting the gym. No offense to anyone but I have had this planned since I was in diapers and want it perfect.” The bridesmaid dropped out of her friend’s bridal party because she’s "a size 12 with no plans on dropping to a size 8 by December.” The bride had other demands for her bridal party’s appearance. On the day of her wedding, the bride is expecting her bridesmaids to have short and uncolored nails and shoulder-length straight hair. If their hair is too short, they have to get extensions.

Deputy Lifts Overturned Car to Free Mother Pinned Underneath

A deputy in Virginia lifted an overturned car by himself to free a woman pinned underneath. In a body-cam recording that the Gloucester County Sheriff's Office shared Tuesday on Facebook, the Deputy can be heard pulling over in his patrol vehicle and telling dispatch that the car is "flipped upside down." The one-minute clip then shows the deputy running to the vehicle, where one child is screaming that his mom is stuck. The deputy helps another smaller child out of the car, and then he can be heard groaning as he lifts the vehicle. The Sheriff’s office said, “The driver was laying underneath the vehicle with her head pinned by the sunroof. Seeing the trauma her child was witnessing, Deputy J. Holt went into overdrive." The sheriff's office didn't identify the driver, but said she's doing well.

Google To Open First Physical Retail Store This Summer

Google will be opening their first physical retail Google Store which will debut in New York City this summer. The new store will be located in Chelsea, as part of Google’s campus in that neighborhood. The Google Store will display and sell a variety of Google products such as, Pixel phones, Nest smart home devices, Fitbit trackers, Pixelbooks, and more. Customers will also be able to order products through Google’s online stores and pick them up in person at the physical Google Store location. Google also notes that the new store will allow customers to try out their new product.

People in Oregon Must Show Proof of Vaccination Status in Order to Enter Businesses Without a Mask

Oregon is going to require unmasked people show proof they got the COVID vaccine. Businesses, employers and churches must ask individuals show proof they have received the coronavirus vaccine prior to entering their facilities without a mask. Those who do not have not received the vaccine, or individuals who do not have proof of receiving the vaccine must continue to wear a mask.

(Brave) 11-Year-Old Girl Who Fought Off Attempted Kidnapping Credits 'Law and Order: SVU'

The 11-year-old girl in Florida who fought off an alleged kidnapping attempt this week credited "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" for helping her escape. The girl said she marked her attacker with the blue slime she had been playing with because she “knew that might be better evidence if the cops did find him.” Cops say when they arrested the 30-year-old man he “had blue slime all over his own arms.” And when asked how she felt after her narrow escape, the girl said, "mostly proud of myself," and said she believed "SVU" Detective Olivia Benson would probably tell her, "You're brave and good job!" Mariska Hargitay Responds... “Law & Order: SVU” star Mariska Hargitay praised the 11-year-old Florida girl who used a tip from the show to help catch her would-be kidnapper. Hargitay called Alyssa Bonal “brave” and “smart” in a heartfelt Instagram post. Hargitay wrote, “Alyssa, first and most important, I am so relieved and grateful to know that you are safe. And I am so honored to be part of your incredible story. You are one BRAVE, Strong and Smart young woman. I think the SVU squad might have to add slime to their crimefighting gear! Take good care of yourself and each other. With all my love, your number one fan, Mariska.”

Today's AUDIO:

Topic Starters: Have you ever sent or gotten a nude picture?

  1. Call 1

  2. Call 2 - what if your husband sent you a nude pic?

  3. Call 3

Tiffany Haddish Talks Rumors That She'll Replace Ellen

  1. Tiffany Haddish hasn't heard from anyone asking her if she wants to replace Ellen.

  2. Haddish says if the money was right, she might do it.

Morgan Wallen's First Live Performance Since N-Word Video

  1. Here's Morgan Wallen being introduced. (Preview before airing)

  2. Morgan grabbed a guitar and continued to perform. (Cell phone audio)

11-Year Old Girl Fought Off Attacker With Blue Slime, Credits 'Law & Order SVU'

  1. (Zoom audio) Alyssa describes how the attacker apporached her.

  2. Alyssa was playing with blue slime when she was attacked, and remembered from 'Law & Order: SVU' that if she covered her attacker with it, the police might find him more easily.

  3. Sheriff Chip Simmons says the blue slime is how they identified the suspect.

Man Talks Grizzly Bear Biting Into His Head

  1. 61-year old Alaskan man Allen Minish, was conducting a land survey when "he unknowingly walked up on an adult brown bear." Minish describes the attack. He's currently in the hospital with about one hundred stitches and a long recovery ahead.

Paul Hogan Denies Leaving Note On Venice Home Attacking Homeless

  1. Hogan was getting lots of unwanted attention after a sign was plastered on his garage that read ...'THIS IS MY HOUSE NOT YOURS." Paul Hogan says he didn't put up a sign on his house warning homeless people to leave. In fact, he says the house isn't even his and he has empathy for people living on the streets.


(GUYS: Can YOU Relate?) Doorbell Camera Catches Husband Trying to Hide Fart

A woman posted a video with the caption: "My husband was caught on video farting and the neighbors across the street heard him and texted us to check the camera."


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