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Content for Friday, June 4

Coworkers Donate Kidneys To Each Other's Husbands

Two coworkers in Atlanta donated their kidneys to each other’s husbands. The two women had worked together for years in the IT department at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Both of their husbands went into renal failure around the same time and both of them needed kidney transplants. The two were in the bathroom together and while washing their hands, they struck up a conversation and realized both of their husbands needed kidneys. Turns out each woman was a perfect match for the other’s husband. They donated their kidneys and the surgeries were successful… both the women and their husbands are now healthy.

(OPINION)... New York Times Column Suggests Readers Get Rid Of 'Obese,' 'Depressed' Friends

New York Times columnist Kate Murphy suggested that readers should weed out people who appear depressed, are obese, or engage in legal vices like smoking or drinking. Those friends, she said, make a person more likely to engage in said vices or to become overweight or depressed themselves. Murphy wrote, "Indeed, depressed friends make it more likely you’ll be depressed, obese friends make it more likely you’ll become obese, and friends who smoke or drink a lot make it more likely you’ll do the same." However, the column cautioned against simply cutting the line with friends "having a hard time" and instead suggest the reader be cognizant of how much time they spend with which friends. Later in the column, the Times wrote that being friendly with "studious, kind and enterprising" people instead of those with vices will make someone a better friend themselves. Murphy continued by stating that only half of peoples' friendships are mutual and that the pandemic has given an opportunity to shed "unfulfilling relationships." REPLIES: Feminist author Roxane Gay criticized the Times on Twitter, writing that "this piece really wants y’all to stop hanging out with your fat friends so you don’t catch the fat. To have the audacity to say this after a pandemic? Good lord." Another Twitter user wrote, "What the hell, NYTimes – getting rid of toxic friends is fine, but that’s not what this says. It’s saying to get rid of fat/depressed friends? Is it ‘kind’ to get rid of friends just because of [expletive] that is largely genetics? Talk about being a step away from eugenics."

When Regular People Had a Random Encounter with a Famous Person

A Reddit user recently asked: "Who is the most famous person you’ve spoken to?" Here are some of the most interesting responses: 1. Matthew Broderick "This doesn’t really count 'cause I was a baby, but Matthew Broderick held me. I was in a movie called Election, and I had a few scenes in it. Man, I wish I was old enough to remember any of it, but my whole life, my parents have told me about it and how nice Matthew was." —u/lanephinn 2. Meryl Streep "I was seeing a Broadway show with my mom in 1992. At intermission, she found me in the downstairs lobby and excitedly said, 'I just saw Meryl Streep in the bathroom!' I said, 'Please tell me you didn’t say anything to her, and you just left her alone.' She said, 'I was very good, and didn’t say anything. Look, here she comes now.' And I said, 'I’m glad you didn’t say anything to her...because that’s Glenn Close.'" —u/TeddyBearRoosevelt 3. Guy Fieri "I was drunk, bar hopping. It's like 10 p.m. and I'm walking along to the next bar...and I'm like, that guy looks like Guy Fieri. He's walking towards me, so as we pass, I give him a second look and I'm like, that guy really does look like Guy Fieri! I pass him, and a second later, I decide there's no way that guy isn't him. So, I turn around and shout, 'Hey, you're Guy Fieri!" He turns around, and he's like, 'Yeah!' and I respond, 'That's cool!' Then, I turn back and continue to where I was going because I realized I didn't have anything more to say to him other than that. He was by himself, too. No entourage, no crowd. Nothing. I guess he might have been scouting out food spots in the area or something." —u/xisnotx 4. Carrie Fisher "I was wearing a red Darth Vader shirt that said 'choking hazard,' and she laughed when she saw it and said, 'I love your shirt!' I was trying not to gush and asked her if I could pet her dog, Gary. We chatted for a few, mostly about Gary. She was super warm and funny; it felt almost like talking to a sister rather than a film star." —u/Lowca 5. Adam West "My wife took my son to a local Comic Con six years ago while I had to work. Struck up a conversation about the weather with a nice older gentleman. Two days later, she hears his voice on TV and says that guy sounds exactly like him. I proceeded to show her his picture and confirmed she chatted about the weather with Batman — Adam West!" —u/Jimmy_Wrinkles 6. Emma Watson "I worked at a store on Thayer Street in Providence, RI, when she went to Brown. I also worked on the same street at my cousin's pizza place that she loved. So, I literally would see and talk to her multiple times a week! Super nice, quiet, and polite. This was also the time where she would have a male friend go out with her and speak for her because as soon as she opened her mouth, you knew it was Hermione Granger from a mile away." —u/Tokey_Loki 7. Kevin Bacon "Didn’t recognize it was him. I politely asked if his flight companion was Kyra Sedgwick, whom I recognized (SMH). His expression was of mild surprise, which then made me realize I was missing something." —u/Thick_Reputation5854 8. Bill Murray "I spoke with Bill Murray and his four or five boys (can’t remember). I took their order when I worked at In-N-Out Burger. He was still the coolest dude in person. When they left after eating, he turned towards me and gave me a sort of salute-wave." —u/centraloragain 9. Jason Statham "Jason Statham. Went to cut a tree down at his London house. He yelled at us to be careful dragging branches down the side of his newly painted fence. To be fair, he had a point." —u/SporadicWookie

PARENTING: Should We Start Paying Kids to Pursue their Hobbies instead of for Doing their Chores? That's What this Mom Does

A TikToker (Destini Davis) shared how she approaches giving her children an allowance, and she got a bunch of opinions. In her video, she said: ”Let me know if this is weird. I do not pay my daughter for chores, but I do pay her for the things that she is passionate about.” Destini used the example of when her daughter asked to learn gymnastics and, when lessons began getting difficult, her daughter wanted to quit: ”I said, you know what? Let's make this your job. I'll pay you for that. And my belief behind it is that I want my daughter to know and have a positive association with money ... and feel that she can actually get paid to do something that she enjoys.” Comments include:

"What is Something FREE From the Internet, Which Everyone Should Take Advantage Of?"

Redditor u/MudiDK asks: "What is something free from the internet, which everyone should take advantage of?" REPLIES Include: " "If a website is asking for your E-mail, and you don't want your original E-mail to be spammed, you can use the E-mail found on this website that self-destructs after 10 minutes." "The Internet Archive has tons of stuff: Full-Length Movies Old-Time Radio Drama, Comedy, Science Fiction, etc MS-DOS Games You Can Play Online "Aracade Games You Can Play Online" "There are tons and tons of free ebooks available online, a huge variety of stuff. Even free audiobooks. r/FreeEBOOKS helps people find stuff they can get for free..."

"Wolfram Alpha. Wolfram Alpha was a lifesaver for checking answers when taking Calc 1-3 in college. Definitely useful for all sorts of answers, but answers for science and math questions, it’s great. - Wolfram Alpha is legit the best online calculator. It's super powerful and explains it. I would also add that Desmos is a great online graphing software. "Online courses and guides, the fact that you can learn anything for FREE at home, is amazing. Like 40 years ago, you had to actually pay for lessons and go away from your home. Nowadays you can do everything online." "Find out where people - both famous and non-famous - are buried. Read what's inscribed on their monuments, read obits, and see comments posted by viewers. "Find A Grave" can also be a helpful site for doing free family genealogy and locating where people have been interred that you lost touch with over time." "Free open source software. There are great free alternatives out there for lots of paid software." "You can learn to cook just about anything from YouTube." "e sound. Its basically a rip off of spotify except you don't have to pay for nothing and listen to any song available on YouTube." "3 websites to make school easier: Type in any math problem and it will provide you with steps to solve any answer. Re-write any article with ease"

BOXING: Logan Paul to Floyd Mayweather, 'You're Gonna Quit in 6 Old Man’

YouTuber Logan Paul believes he's going to beat Floyd Mayweather into submission and is predicting Floyd will throw in the towel by the 6th round. The 26-year-old says he's been training hard for the June 6th fight, and has been visualizing how it will go. Logan says, ”I was waiting for the guy in the black suit to approach me and be like 'Yo, we'll pay you $50 million dollars to throw this fight. We can't afford Floyd losing' ... but it never happened." Logan says he wouldn't have taken the money anyway, "I don't even care about the money. I just wanna beat Floyd Mayweather."

Some Guy Who Calls Himself a 'Trump Man’ Admits to Serial Pooping Spree, Targeting Home of Biden Supporters

A 70-year-old Ohio man, who told cops he was a “Trump man”, has confessed to repeatedly urinating and defecating in front of a neighbor’s home because they "are Democrats and support Joe Biden.” The serial pooper was cited for littering after the homeowner caught him in the act. The homeowner called 911 after spotting a man squatting down and relieving himself in the yard. During police questioning, the retired high school teacher admitted to defecating on the victim’s property "multiple times." According to the ‘Biden supporter’, the neighbor would leave behind “3 or 4 crumpled up restaurant napkins he used to clean himself. That was my clue that I had had a ‘visitor.’”

Store Lets a Man Test Ride a Bicycle that is Worth 6k… Guess Who Didn’t Come Back?

Police in Southlake, Texas are looking for a man who they say test-rode a $6,000 bike and never came back. The man browsing at the REI store asked to test-ride a pricey Cannondale Jekyll Carbon 129 bicycle. The employees normally allow for test rides on the condition that the person provide identification, but this time, they didn’t ask for it. When the man was given the bike, he rode out of the store and never came back. Police released a photo of the man wearing a helmet and sunglasses in hope that someone in the community will receognize him and come forward.

"Wedding Crashers 2" Starts Filming This Summer

"Wedding Crashers 2" is scheduled to begin production in August, bringing back the original cast of the film which includes Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Isla Fisher, and Rachel McAdams. The original film hit theaters back in 2005. A start date of August 2021 for production on the sequel would likely put its release in the back half of 2022, if not early 2023. This all comes from Production Weekly, which revealed details of the scheduled production after talk of the sequel started to heat up among cast members in recent interviews.

It's National Donut Day... Get Free Donuts at Krispy Kreme, Dunkin' and More

Today is National Donut Day and restaurants, including Dunkin’ and Krispy Kreme, are marking the annual made-up food holiday with fried freebies and other deals. The day of the pastry was established in 1938 to honor the Salvation Army Donut Lassies, women who served the treats to soldiers during World War I. It’s traditionally celebrated on the first Friday of June. Krispy Kreme will give all customers a free doughnut today but vaccinated customers can get two freebies when they present proof that they received a COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccinated customers can continue to get free glazed doughnuts through the end of 2021 when they flash their vaccination card. National Doughnut Day 2021 deals Participation and offers can vary by location and are only available while supplies last. To be on the safe side, check with your closest location. DiGiorno: The Nestle brand has a new “pizza + donut mashup” dubbed the DiGiornut and is giving it away through a Twitter sweepstakes today. To enter, fans can reply to @DiGiorno’s tweet with #sweepstakes for a chance to score a half-dozen box. Duck Donuts: Get a free bare, cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar donut today, no purchase necessary. All locations are participating. Dunkin': Purchase any beverage today and get a free classic donut of your choice, while supplies last. Dunkin’ dropped its #NationalDonutDay collection Thursday with limited-edition customizable donut-themed fashions at Entenmann’s Donuts: Now through June 21, enter for a chance to win and give a year’s supply of donuts and other prizes to a deserving father figure by nominating them for the first “EntenMAN of the Year” Father’s Day Contest. The brand says the person can be “male or female; dad, coach, teacher or any inspiring person in their life.” Five nominees will be chosen for a chance to win the title, a year’s supply of Entenmann’s Donuts and an all-expenses-paid Daytona Race Trip package. The remaining finalists and nominators will all win free Entenmann’s Donuts for a year. Enter at Krispy Kreme: All customers get any doughnut for free today, no purchase necessary, and get a $1 Original Glazed dozen with any dozen doughnuts purchase. It’s possible to get two doughnuts for free without a purchase today if you’ve received at least one COVID-19 shot as Krispy Kreme will honor its free Original Glazed doughnut offer when you show a valid vaccination card. Shipley Do-Nuts: Get one free glazed “Do-Nut” with any purchase from 5 a.m. to noon today, while supplies last. Smokey Bones: Get a free Bag O' Donuts with any $40 purchase today. Tim Hortons: This donut day deal started Thursday and continues through June 15. Registered rewards members get one classic or specialty donut for 50 cents with any eligible purchase over 50 cents when they scan for rewards in restaurants, place a mobile or delivery order. More deals: Locally-owned businesses and smaller chains also may have deals today. One of the easiest ways to find out is to check social media channels.

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