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Content for Friday, June 25

The Pandemic Turned Americans into Hoarders

Two in three people surveyed admit they are desperate to find places in their homes to fit everything they’ve purchased during the pandemic. Many have spent more money than usual on items such as kitchen and cooking utensils (30%), home décor (30%), and personal care products (27%) over the last year. Sixty-three percent have so much junk in their homes they have a difficult time finding where to store it. More than a third had no interest in home organization before the pandemic began, but now, 63 percent of respondents say they want to be tidier.

The Age Women Are Most Likely To Cheat On Their Husbands

Research from adultery service VictoriaMilan (with "5.8 million members worldwide in more than 33 countries") found the following: --Irish women were the quickest to engage in an affair with just 3.6 years between getting married and cheating, and 30.8 years old being the average age. --Women in the United States take a little longer to cheat, with 8.5 years between marriage and cheating, and an average age of 35.5 years old. -- On a worldwide scale, the average age of women having affairs was 36.6 years old, while the average age of those getting married was 29, and the length of time between marriage and cheating was 7.6 years. Sigurd Vedal, founder of VictoriaMilan said, “Women at a global level are, on average, seeking new lovers between 7 and 8 years after marriage... Married women start having affairs for various reasons. "Perhaps their husband is not giving them the attention and respect they deserve. Perhaps they still love their partners, but the spark has vanished from their marriage. Alternatively, they may have an open relationship, and both have affairs to satisfy their physical needs whilst still sharing a tight emotional bond... "Whatever the reason, having an affair can help married women rediscover their zest for live, their sensuality, and the physical passion they may miss. These are universal needs, and craving sexual pleasure is something billions of us have in common — no matter how many other differences we may well have.”

Posing With These Specific Cars On Tinder Might Be The Ultimate Dating Hack

Posing with certain cars could help you get a date on Tinder. Researchers created a bunch of fake profiles on dating apps featuring pictures of people posing next to more than 70 different cars to see which cars led to people getting more dates. They found men who upload a photo of themselves in the vicinity of a vehicle saw their match rate rise 34. But there are certain makes and models capable of sparking an even more dramatic spike. Taking pictures next to a Tesla, Aston Martin or Porsche led to a big spike in the men’s match rate, but taking a photo near a Subaru led to a decline in the match rate.

Women Reveal the Petty Ways They’ve Gotten Their Own Revenge

Posting anonymously on a forum, women have revealed the cruel ways they've used to get revenge on those who've wronged them after a woman asked for suggestions on "the most untraceable methods” of seeking revenge, without getting caught. One person said, "Spilling milk or dairy somewhere discreet - under a sofa cushion or under a desk.” Another person said, “You can send poo or glitter through the mail anonymously lol a quick Google will get them there.” Others told how they had deliberately wasted their victim's money, with one saying, “Someone I know caught his wife cheating, they split up but were living together for a while. He took her engagement ring to the jewelers and got the diamond swapped for cubic zirconia. About two years later he got some angry text messages when she went to resell it and had it valued at $70. Best of all is she still doesn't know whether he gave her a fake ring in the first place, the original jeweler conned them or if he swapped it later. He blocked her and left her work it out for herself!” Another admitted to taking pleasure in the act of revenge by saying, “I bought up all the domain names for his business. Best $1400 I ever spent.”

Kim Kardashian Admits She Clogged the Toilet Going ‘Number 2’-- Wanted to Blame it on Kendall

Kim Kardashian admitted that she clogged the toilet "going number two' and did nothing to fix it in a newly released “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” bonus clip yesterday. She was even ready to place blame on her younger sister Kendall for the clogging it. In the clip, Kim tells Kourtney, Scott and Khloe, “Guys, I don't know what to do. I went number two in that bathroom and it won't flush. It's really embarrassing. I was going to blame it on Kendall, I should have done that.” Kim admitted it while discussing her surrogacy journey with Khloe.

Scottie Pippen Confirms Michael Jordan Cheated On Bets

Chicago Bulls Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen confirmed that his teammate Michael Jordan was a cheater when it came to bets. Pippen was recently asked about the infamous story about how Jordan would cheat his teammates by bribing baggage handlers when they would gamble on who’s luggage would get pulled out first by airport staff during game flights. Pippen replied he couldn’t confirm whether or not Jordan was cheating in that instance, but added, “I will say that he cheated on a few of his bets.”

Eating Chocolate After Waking Up Can Improve Blood Sugar and Help Burn Fat

For women, eating chocolate first thing in the morning may be a healthier idea than many people think. Researchers say swapping out eggs and bacon for some chocolate can actually lead to burning more fat and lowering blood sugar levels throughout the day. When it comes to breakfast, a bowl of chocolaty cereal appears to be a good way of getting your metabolism going. The study finds eating chocolate in the morning can increase fat burning ability. It also reduces blood glucose levels. At night, eating chocolate before bed led to changes in the participants’ resting and exercise metabolism the following morning. The best part: there was no weight gain.

Police Break Up Exorcism At A Home Depot

Cops broke up an exorcism in the lumber aisle of a Home Depot in Pennsylvania. The exorcism was apparently being held for the trees that had been turned into lumber. People were escorted out of the store but weren’t arrested. Close to 200 comments on the police blotter begged for more details.

Teenager Rescued From Former Bank Vault

A 14-year-old girl in New York had to be rescued after she became trapped inside a clothing store dressing room that used to be a bank vault. Firefighters were called to the store after the teen became trapped inside the dressing room when her 7-year-old brother pushed the propped steel vault door that leads to the changing area closed with her on the other side. It took the firefighters about 90-minutes to break through the wall and free the girl.

Condo Collapse: 1 Dead and 99 People Still Unaccounted for

An intense search and rescue effort continued overnight after part of a 12-story residential building collapsed yesterday in Surfside, Florida. The collapse killed at least one and has left almost 100 people unaccounted for. About 55 of the 136 units at Champlain Towers South collapsed. Two people have been pulled from the rubble. Rescuers helped a boy from the debris alive, a witness said, and video showed responders helping others leave the standing portions of the building. A State Fire Marshal said emergency workers heard sounds coming from the rubble yesterday afternoon. One of the sounds is from an individual in the parking garage area that they are having difficulty getting to. Teams have been using search dogs, sonar and cameras to help locate possible survivors. Surveillance video shows the collapse. A huge section of the building fell first, followed by another portion about nine seconds later. One resident on the third floor said he heard what he thought sounded like an explosion. His apartment was intact, but when he opened his door and tried to leave, he "looked down the hallway ... and there was nothing there.” The cause of the collapse wasn't immediately known. The building was undergoing roof work. Work was being done to meet "40-year standards”, which is a strengthening of the building code enacted following Hurricane Andrew in 1992. The 12-story building that collapsed in South Florida was built in 1981. The building was constructed on reclaimed wetlands, and scientists discovered in 2020 that it has been sinking since the 1990s. It’s too early to tell if this could be a factor in the collapse, but a professor from Florida International University found that it was sinking roughly 2 millimeters a year. A resident who escaped with his wife says he noticed cracks in pavers on the pool deck years ago and raised concerns that nearby construction was causing them.

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Conan's Final Show

  1. Conan and Jack Black planned a bit where Jack pretends to injure himself and is taken away in an ambulance. During rehearsal, Jack actually injured himself for real.

  2. Jack Black changes the lyrics to 'My Way' for Conan and sings to him.

  3. Homer Simpson conducts Conan's exit interview for TBS, and mistakes him for someone from 'Impractical Jokers.'

Jimmy Kimmel Live

  1. Donald Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen talks about Trump trying to get the courts to stop late night comedians making fun of him.

  2. Cohen says President Trump lied everyday.

  3. Cohen says the Trump family are lowlifes.

President Biden's Solution To Employers Who Can't Find Workers

  1. While speaking to reporters about employers complaining that they can't find workers, President Biden whispered: "Pay them more."

Comedy Clips Of The Day (Dan Cummins)

  1. Having a favorite kid.

  2. Not listening to strangers.



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