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Content for Friday, June 11

Woman: ’I Was Added to a Weight Loss Group by a Former Co-Worker… I’m Devastated’

A woman says she feels devastated after an ex-coworker she hadn't seen in years added her into a Facebook weight loss group without even speaking to her. The woman said she received a notification that she was added to the group. She admits that her body had changed significantly since welcoming two daughters, but she was proud of how she looked. She said, ”Straight away I felt upset and hurt. Then I felt anger and defiance. My body gave me two babies in a year - so how dare this woman decide that I needed to join a weight loss group without even speaking to me." She ended up sending a message on Facebook and shared photos of her body.

(TOPIC STARTER)... "What Are You The 1% Of?"

Redditor u/NoWasExpected asked: "What are you the 1% of?" Replies include: "I guess I'm in the 1% of only having three lower front teeth." -- "My best friend growing up also only had 3 front bottom teeth." "I think it's like 0.1–0.5% of women or something but I have a double uterus. Medically called a didelphys uterus. A septum separates my uterus which kinda made them form into two separate ones and the septum continues down into the vagina so I also have a left and right side. NOT fun to deal with but I'm too scared to get the surgery for it." "i'm part of the 1% of people being ambidextrous." "I am allergic to temperature extremes. Taking a hot shower or touching an ice cube will give me hives." "when Spotify released listening statistics at the end of 2020, I was on the top .1% of weird Al Yankovic listeners." "At the end of 'Detroit: Become Human' they tell you the percentage of people who got the same ending as you. Mine was 1%." "If you have a 7in (18cm) penis you are in the top 1% of men worldwide. Keep that in mind when everyone you know (and on the Internet) somehow has a 8+in schlong." -- "Women vary A LOT down there and nobody tells us. I thought there was something seriously wrong with me until I saw images showing me how much variation there is. I didn’t lose my virginity until way later than I would have if I had known I wasn’t a freak of nature." "I have AB- blood, which is found in less than 1% of the population." "I have an autoimmune disease that’s so rare nobody knows what it is. Genetic testing is currently underway to see if I have a recently discovered genetic defect that about ten people have been diagnosed with. "It’s called INFLTR8 (kickass right?) and it was named by one of the first people diagnosed with it." "Triple nipple over here. Half a percent I believe." -- "My wife has four. She wins!"

Bride Presents Bridesmaids With a Contract that Outlines the Time and Costs They’ll Endure

A bride took to TikTok and shared the unusual addition she made to her bridesmaid proposal boxes: a written contract. She said she wanted to be more transparent with her bridal party so none of them were surprised when it came to money or time commitments. She said she had been a bridesmaid before and wasn't fully aware of the costs and expectations that came along with the role. She didn’t want to do that to her friends, so “I included a letter of what I expected from my bridal party.” The two-sided page outlined everything from time commitments to financial contributions. She said: “I told hem if they lived over an hour away, they didn’t have to worry about making it to the bridal shower or to go wedding dress shopping with me.” The bride-to-be also said she would pay for their hair and makeup to be done, but they were responsible for the cost of the bridesmaids’ dresses. To make the deal more fair, she informed her bridesmaids that they had the freedom to choose the style of dress they wanted, but the dresses had to be in a specific color. The most important part of her bridesmaids proposal was that they had the right to say no to the offer. One of her intended bridesmaids did say no, but nothing came between them and they’re still good friends. People flooded into the comments but were divided on whether the contract was a good idea. One said, “That’s a mature way of handling it.” Another said she couldn’t believe how much was expected from the bridesmaids, saying that they shouldn’t be pressured into committing so much.

(TOPIC STARTER)... "Straight Men: How Straight Are You Really on a Scale of 1-10, With 10 Being The "Straightest"?

Redditor u/nerdcorner asked, "Straight men... how straight are you really on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the "straightest"? Replies include: "10 - I like women, that's it 9 - I like women but men can be attractive 8 - I like women but there are a few men who make me go DAAAYMN he fine but that's it 7 - I like women but I might want to explore the other side 6 - I like women but I have experimented with guys in the past 5 - I like women and men 4 - I like men and women but lean closer to being attracted to men 3 - I like men but have fooled around with women in the past 2 - I like men but live with my wife and 3 children in denial "1 - I'm Elton John." "I know a lot of #2s in the Midwest." -- "Yup and they all would answer 11/10 for this question to show how "extra not gay" they are." "A 9.5 usually. A 2 when I'm with my buddy I was in the Marines with." "A good rule of thumb would be if 8 is "I like women but there are a few men who make me go DAAAYMN he fine but that's it" then 3 (it's inverse in this rating system) should be "I like men but there are a few women who make me go DAAAYMN she fine but that's it"." -- "Actually, Elton John has had sexual relationships with women (was even married to one for four years) and identified as bisexual before coming out as gay. He'd probably actually be a 3 on that scale." "My .5 is for Ryan Reynolds. I had a joke with a girl I dated that I would leave her for Ryan Reynolds if he ever asked me out." "Guys: Are we all low-key gay for Chris Hemsworth?" "The key word here, gentlemen, is "heteroflexible"." -- "Yeah most guys that identify as heteroflexible (or whatever the proper name is) are just interested in occasional sexual experimentation with guys, but are interested in women most of the time." "9.75 I can admit if a man is attractive. But I don’t get a boner thinking about it. Or maybe I’m just comfortable with who I am." "Mmm, maybe 8 or 9. I'll admit I'll bend for some guys mentally, but have no desire to actually go do it."

TikTok Points Out Why You Never See Mosquitoes at Disney World

A TikToker is blowing people’s minds after he explained why you never see mosquitoes at Disney World, despite it being in “the middle of a Florida swamp.” He said, “There are no mosquitoes at Disney World, even though it’s in the middle of the Florida swamps. Disney doesn’t want anything to damage a guest’s experience, so they have a ‘Mosquito Surveillance Program.’” A Disney-dedicated YouTube channel called 'Midway to Main Street' reported on the mosquito team in a 2018 video. The channel alleged that, in addition to there being carbon dioxide traps everywhere, once bugs are caught, the Disney team actually freezes them and then analyzes the population to figure out how to eradicate them. On the Walt Disney World FAQ page, the company simply says, “We have an extensive mosquito prevention and monitoring program across the property.” The TikToker said, “They spray 86 miles with insecticide twice a day. They even have ‘sentinel chickens,’ whose blood they test for mosquito-borne illnesses.” The chickens are supposedly put in coops all over Disney World and studied. The chickens will not get sick from any mosquito-borne illnesses like West Nile, for example, but if one of them does register the virus in their bloodstream, the team will know explicitly where in the park they need to target.

Chance Of Catching COVID After Having Two Vaccine Jabs Is Just One In 22,500

Having two vaccinations reduces the chances of getting the coronavirus to just one in 22,500. Researchers also found those who are fully vaccinated are three-times less likely than those who have had only had one dose of the jab. The risk of catching COVID rises to one in 2,908 in those who don’t get the vaccine.

Most Mass Shooters have Undiagnosed and Unmedicated Psychiatric Disorders

The first ever medical analysis of mass shooters finds most perpetrators had a psychiatric disorder that was untreated. Study authors focused on 115 individuals who had committed a mass shooting in the United States between 1982 and 2019. Of those, they focused solely on the 35 cases in which the shooter survived and went to trial. Researchers poured through the shooters’ psych evaluations, spoke with the doctors and psychologists who had interviewed the perpetrators, watched video recordings of interviews, and examined social media posts or other writings by each shooter. The author said, “Based on this data, 32 of the 35 perpetrators had signs and symptoms of brain illness, which fit scientific diagnostic criteria for a clinical psychiatric disorder.” 18 of the examined shooters had schizophrenia. Another 10 had a variety of conditions including delusional disorder, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, and substance-related disorders. For three shooters, researchers did not have enough information to make an informed diagnosis and four perpetrators did not appear to have any psychiatric disorder. Not a single one of the 28 surviving shooters with an apparent psychiatric issue received treatment or had taken any medication prior to their crimes.

(Awkward)... Coffee Shop Owner Fires Husband For Using Racial Slur

The owner of a coffee shop in San Francisco fired her husband after he used a racial slur against a black man. The woman said during the altercation, an individual called her husband a racial epithet and he made the mistake of repeating the racial slur back to the man. She says her husband will no longer work for the coffee shop in any capacity. The incident comes after workers spoke out about various concerns over workplace culture, lack of diversity and one incident in which the owner’s husband reportedly pinned a black man to the ground while a manager.

Kanye West 'Dated' Irina Shayk Before Kim Kardashian

Kanye West dated Irina Shayk before he got together with Kim Kardashian. West and Shayk were seen vacationing in Provence, France, on Tuesday on the heels of his birthday. The two have been quietly dating for several weeks, saying, “it is casual at the moment, but they are into each other.” But a music-world source says, “Kanye was with Irina briefly before Kim. He had pursued her a long time ago.” Russian-born beauty Shayk has had a decade-long fashion relationship with West — she previously modeled for Yeezy and appeared in his 2010 music video for “Power.” He also name-dropped her in his track “Christian Dior Flow,” with the lyric “I wanna see Irina Shayk next to [Dutch model] Doutzen [Kroes].” Whatever they had back then was short-lived: Shayk began dating soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo in 2010, then Kanye went public with Kim in 2012. A source in the Kardashian Kamp said of West and Shayk, “It’s good for both of them to be in the news in a positive way, and nobody knows if the romance is real or not.” However, the source added that Kim is happy for them, “Everyone in the family — including Kim — wants Kanye to be happy, and they wish him well. “They are happy there is no drama between him and Kim over the kids, everyone is getting along.” Another fashion insider added Shayk is just as media-savvy as West and knows how to play the game — to command the biggest contracts, models now have to be perpetually in the news as well as on the runway, like Kendall Jenner. The insider said, “For Kanye, it’s about keeping up his image … He has a stream of projects coming up. “Plus, this is excellent for her career. She’s a gorgeous girl, but the path to being a supermodel is sometimes dating someone very famous to put them over the top. “Once you start being on the cover of glossy grocery-store magazines then your name recognition goes up and your price goes up. It’s the best way to be relevant.

In Theaters This Weekend-- OPENING IN WIDE RELEASE

In the Heights (PG-13) The big-screen adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway musical centers on a bodega owner (played by Anthony Ramos), who discovers his mom-and-pop stop-and-shop has sold a winning lottery ticket. The ensemble cast also includes Melissa Barrera, Leslie Grace, Corey Hawkins and Olga Merediz. Miranda, who composed the 2008 stage show and portrayed the main character, produced the film and appears in a cameo role. (PROJECTION: $20M-$30M) Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway (PG) Live-action/animated family film with a voice cast that includes James Corden as Peter Rabbit, Rose Byrne, Domhnall Gleeson and David Oyelowo. (PROJECTION: $10M-$15M)

Today's AUDIO:

Topic Starters: Do you follow the 'five-second rule' with food on the floor?

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Matthew McConaughey Went Undercover To Watch First Lincoln Commercial

  1. McConaughey explains his decision to do the Lincoln commercials.

  2. McConaughey on going undercover at a Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the first commercial.

Relationship Expert Reveals Pickup Technique That Actually Worked

  1. Simone Grossman is a relationship expert at 'Three Day Rule', a matchmaking company with allegedly “one of the largest, most selective networks in the country.” Grossman posted this video on TikTok that went viral. In the video, she reveals the pickup technique that actually worked on her.

ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins Confronts Rapper Quavo Live On ‘First Take’

  1. During the segment, a serious Perkins addresses Quavo as the rapper could be seen in the background laughing awkwardly.

  2. For years, Perkins has been angry about Quavo’s lyric “get no playin’ time, Kendrick Perkins” from the rapper’s 2018 song “F**k 12” off of the Quavo Huncho solo album.

David Hasselhoff's Strange COVID Vaccine PSA

  1. Hasselhoff says he's found 'freedom' in vaccination.

  2. Hasselhoff is looking forward to getting back to normal.

Kate Hudson Is Excited About Countin Sex As A Workout

  1. Kate Hudson posted a video on Instagram Wednesday to share some news: the WW (formerly Weight Watchers) app just added sex as a workout. Hudson said, “Hey, guys. I’ve got some really interesting news that I’m very excited about right now...if anyone needs me, I’m going to be in my bedroom..."



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