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Content for Friday, July 9

People Share Insider Secrets About Industries They Work In

A reddit user asked,What’s an industry secret in the field you work in?" Here are some responses: 1. ”As a Subway worker, I'm only supposed to put six olives on your Footlong.You all deserve to know this." 2. "The repairman who shows up at your house to fix something is usually the one deciding how much to charge you. Being nice to him can save you a lot of money." 3. "Your hotel room most likely isn't as clean as you think it is.” 4 "I worked in menswear, and our tailor shops are filled with suits that were made years ago and never picked up. Most often the customers died, or the suits were tailored for weddings that were canceled." 5. "When you ask a grocery store worker to check the back for an item, 99% of the time they just walk away, stand for a few moments, and come back. If it's not on the shelf, we are out of the product, but we know you won't believe us unless we go 'look' for it." 6. "At Goodwill, half of what you donate ends up in the trash. Either we don't have space or don't think it's worth keeping. At Goodwill, we don't clean anything that we sell. Next time you buy something, wash it well." 7. "I work in HR, and if you put the key words from the job listing in your résumé, you’ll almost be qualified. We search for those words instead of reading an entire résumé." 8. "I work for a web design agency. We charge anywhere from $5,000 to $200,000 for web projects, but we outsource 90% of those projects to India for $200." 9. "I'm a preschool teacher, and you should know your children tell us nearly everything about what goes on in your home." 10. "I worked with a milk bottling plant and found out they were putting the exact same milk in both organic and non-organic cartons. All the milk was organic, but they didn't want to miss a sales opportunity, so they just bottled them differently and sold them at different prices.” 11. "Hospitals and doctors office bills in the US can be negotiated, and many will offer large discounts if you pay at the time of service. Once the insurance gets billed, though, there is much less room for negotiation." 12. "Gym membership contracts mean nothing. Cancel your credit card or change it to a Visa gift card with no balance, and ride off into the sunset.” 13. "Book hotel rooms directly. I'll give you whatever you want if it's available. If you use Expedia or third-party websites, you'll get the worst available room and no upgrade. Hotel front desk agents often have access to change rates, room types, etc., as long as you book directly. Oftentimes we just upgrade guests that we like." 14. "The cocktail you just ordered at the bar might cover the cost of the entire bottle or liquor we used to make it.”

"What is a Fact That Doesn't Sound True, But Is?"

Reddit user u/GoodUsernameNeeded asked: "What is a fact that doesn't sound true but is?" Interesting replies include: "Alice Cooper babysat Keanu Reeves in Toronto." "Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers) used to sleep over at Cher’s house as a teenager and they shared a bed. Once when he was 13 she casually undressed in front of him." "Only 11 people have ever been born in Antarctica." "Sex toys have been banned from being sold in Alabama since 1998,: "A soldier named Jack Churchill used a medieval claymore, a medieval long bow, and bagpipes in World War 2, and was hilariously proficient." "In any group of 24 people there is a higher probability that two or more people share a birthday than not. -- "A group of 70 people have a 99.9% probability."

Woman Keeps Her Husband Happy By Letting Him Have Sex With Her Mom

A TikTok user with the name @milliesellers411 shared a video announcing she lets her husband “play” with her mom. The woman starts the video asking, “Do you want to know how I keep my man happy? "I let him play with my mum." A few seconds later she cuts to her husband grabbing ahold of another woman who is supposedly the woman’s mom. She captioned the video, “Don’t judge and yes I do #hotwife #sharingiscaring." It isn’t known if the woman is being serious or joking, but the video has been viewed over 11 million times.

Free Samples Are Back- But With Safety In Mind

Stores are bringing back free samples but some are taking extra precautions due to the coronavirus. When the pandemic was declared in March 2020, retailers worried about the potential spread of the coronavirus so they cut off free sampling of everything from food to makeup to toys. But now with vaccinations rolling out and the threat of COVID easing, stores like Costco are feeling confident enough to bring back samples. Some retailers are putting various safety protocols in place. For example at Costco, masked workers prepare the hot and cold samples behind plexiglass counters while Walmart and its wholesale club division Sam’s Club are only serving pre-sealed food samples.

Oreo Releasing New Apple Cider Donut-- And Salted Caramel Brownie Flavors

Oreo is releasing two new fall-themed flavors. The new flavors are Apple Cider Donut and Salted Caramel Brownie… and both are limited editions. Salted Caramel Brownie Oreos will be available first, starting this month (July), while the Apple Cider Donut Oreos will hit shelves in August.

Nearly 60% of Women Have Taken Off of Work Due to Painful Period Cramps

Nearly 3 in 5 women have taken off from work because of how bad their period cramps felt. A survey asked women about the level of support they receive while menstruating discovered over half of women who menstruate feel like no one takes their pain seriously. Nearly half the poll even agrees that their primary care doctor doesn’t even take period cramps seriously. 40% of women say they have not confided in their primary care doctor about their overall health concerns. Nearly a third of women claim they typically hear “take a painkiller and you’ll be fine.” Other women say they hear plenty of other comments about their menstrual pain, like “the pain can’t be that bad” or “you’re being dramatic.” Other participants claim people tell them they’d feel better if they just exercised while on their period, drank tea and went to sleep. 61% of women even support the idea of getting time off from work every month. Period symptoms like cramps and headaches have been so painful 42% have cried, had 39% trouble sleeping, or 25% thrown up. One in four have vomited from the discomfort while 39% report their symptoms prevent them from sleeping.

Disturbing TikTok Trend: Toddler Placed on Railroad Track

A new TikTok trend has people placing their toddlers onto a railroad track, and police are now issuing warnings to stop the dangerous trend for selfies. In one photo, the toddler was caught being placed at a crossing for a picture and images have been posted on social media showing people posing on the railroad track. Trains take hundreds of yards to stop when traveling at top-speed, which means the decision to go on the tracks can be fatal. Some places you can even get a fine for being on the railroad track because it’s so dangerous.

Boss Of The Year: Restaurant Owners Treat Employees To Vegas Trip

The owners of a restaurant in Louisville decided to give their employees a trip to Las Vegas as a special thank you for keeping their customers fed during the pandemic. The owners took to the restaurant’s Facebook page and wrote, “Sorry we are closed this week... our employees have worked so hard and diligently through all the crazy times we went through. They deserve a break.” The workers will be in Sin City all week and the restaurant will reopen next week. There were some employees who couldn’t go but they received bonuses instead.

Scarlett Johansson Has ‘No Plans to Return’ as Natasha Romanoff After ‘Black Widow’

Scarlett Johansson is done playing Natasha Romanoff following the “Black Widow” movie (which is in theaters today). The actress said, “I have no plans to return as Natasha. I feel really satisfied with this film. It feels like a great way to go out for this chapter of my Marvel identity.” Johansson made her debut as the Black Widow in 2010’s “Iron Man 2” and reprised the role for eight other movies including “Captain Marvel” and “Avengers: Endgame.”

(The MORE You KNOW)... These Are The Odds of DYING During a Visit to a National Park This Summer

There are plenty of threats for visitors to the parks, especially as excessive heat and other extreme climate and weather events continue to menace the nation and its infrastructure. An analysis which reportedly used data provided by the US National Park Service (NPS) for the years 2007 through 2018 showed there had been a total of 2,727 deaths spread over hundreds of sites across that 12 years period while approximately 3.5 billion visited during that same period. “That equates to just under 8 deaths per 10 million visits to park sites during that time frame.” The study authors "feel that it is important to say that, based on our data, visiting US National Parks is very safe overall.” Additionally, according to NPS data provided on its website, between the calendar year 2014 and 2016, 143 of 419 park units reported one or more deaths for a total of 990 deaths or six deaths per week. The agency said that its mortality rate was 0.1 deaths per 100,000 recreation visits with 53 percent of deaths in that time frame due to unintentional causes like drowning and vehicle crashes. Around half of the medical deaths occurred as an individual was engaged in physical activity – like hiking, biking or swimming – and 79 percent of deaths occurred among males. Other data showed that drowning, motor vehicle crashes, “undetermined” causes and falls were the top four killers, highlighting the rural and scenic nature of most sites. MORE: Washington’s North Cascades National Park was the most dangerous, statistics-wise, with 652 deaths per 10 million visits. Lake Mead National Recreation Area saw the most deaths during the period of the study at over 200, though there were more than 85 million recreational visits to the site during the years measured. Data on fatalities in the parks from 2010 to 2020 showed the Grand Canyon as the park with the most deaths at 134, Yosemite second with 126 and the Great Smoky Mountains in third. The most common causes of death were falls, medical or natural deaths or “undetermined” or “unexplained” deaths.

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Ashton Kutcher

  1. Ashton Kutcher issued a warning about China, saying Beijing could use TikTok to influence the minds of Americans

  2. Ashton talks social media: “My sense as a fervent American is that it’s getting extraordinarily dangerous for not just individuals but for the country at large.”

Police rescue a kidnapping victim

  1. A Kentucky police officer’s bodycam footage captured the moment authorities rescued a young girl from an alleged kidnapping. "I want my daddy". Louisville Metro Police Department responded to emergency calls on July 2 about a six-year-old girl who was allegedly pulled off her bike and thrown into a car. Footage of the incident shows Sergeant Joe Keeling arresting 40-year-old Robby Wildt while Officer Jason Burba approaches the car asking the individual in the passenger seat to exit the vehicle. But to the officer’s surprise, he found the young victim sitting in the seat, crying.

Scripps Spelling Bee Winner

  1. 13-year-old Zaila Avant-garde of Louisiana is the 93rd Scripps National Spelling Bee champion. The first African-American winner of the competition. Here she is spelling 'murraya' to win the title.

The guy who's caught more than 11,000 baseballs at MLB games

  1. Zack Hample holds the world record for the most baseballs caught at MLB games with over 11,000, and that number always continues to grow. He even caught Alex Rodriguez's 3,000 hit.

Xavier Becerra

  1. HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra answers criticism over the idea that the government is going to door-to-door to get people vaccinated: It is ‘absolutely the government’s business’ if people haven’t been vaccinated.'

Woman claims she lets her husband ‘play’ with her mom

  1. A woman has shocked TikTok users by claiming that she lets her mom "play" with her husband. The self-described swinger also brings women home to 'keep her husband happy'.


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