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Content for Friday, July 5

Third of Adults Stuck in ‘Style Limbo’ After Wearing Sweats for Past Year

As the world starts to reopen, more than 1 in 3 Americans are stuck in a “style limbo.” 36% feel like they have “nothing to wear” after 14 months without dressing up for social occasions. The average American has purged an average of seven items from their wardrobe because they no longer fit. More than half of Americans say their personal style is now all about being comfortable. In fact, 2 in 5 add that following the pandemic, they will dress comfortably for the rest of their lives. While 35% are more open to trying new styles than they were before COVID, they’re now facing multiple hurdles in changing how they dress, including finding clothes that are flattering for their body type and clothes that fit.

Red Flags that a Job Will Suck Just from the Description

Members of the BuzzFeed Community were asked to share how they can tell a job will suck, based on the job description. Here's what they had to say: 1. ”Too much jargon. If the posting has a lot of buzzwords but nothing of actual substance about what the job actually is, that's a sign it's time to run.” 2. "Not including the salary is a big red flag that they don't pay much. Not including a salary and using the phrase 'gain experience' is a red flag that they expect you to work for free." —egc26 3. "'Willing to take on responsibility and leadership roles within their team' in a non-managerial position means they want a manager for the salary of a non-managerial employee or they want all the employees to overwork to prove that they should be in charge." —arashpreetgill 4. "'Ability to work as a team' or any variation on that theme. Basically, that means that the boss will always have the final say and that creativity is not highly valued."—koolonyourbisland 5. "Language like 'high energy' and 'highly motivated.' It should be a given that a potential candidate would be motivated to perform their duties well. If the employer feels the need to point this out, you can bet they have a history of high turnover with unhappy former employees."—sparkles8 6. "'Schedule TBD.' Nope, nope, nope. If you’re considering me for a position, I’m considering you as a potential employer as well. We’re BOTH interviewing each other. Don’t let them have all of the power, guys! You have a right to know what the expectation of your hourly commitment will be, give or take a few mutually agreed upon changes after the fact. Please, please, never accept a position with a 'TBD' on the end."—sparkles8 7. "When a job says they offer flexible hours. They don’t mean flexible for you. They mean that they want you to have no life outside of work, and that they’re planning on absolutely wrecking your sleep schedule."—hringlalala 8. "'Able to work in a highly competitive environment.' Life is too short to spend your work life worried about being the best on your team. You’ll be burned out before the ink dries on your offer letter.” 9. "'Urgently hiring' usually means they have a high turnover rate and can’t keep employees very long."—hannah4c1ace45e 10. "'Clock watchers need not apply' — usually means they’ll frequently expect you to stay later than your contracted hours."—rhiannondavies 11. And finally, "'We’re not a company, we’re a family.' It’s almost guaranteed to be a toxic environment. Cliques, guilt trips, crossing professional boundaries, and favoritism."—kelzbelz313

People Are Sharing The Movies They Loved But Could Never See Again

People shared the memorable movies they loved but could never watch again. "Steel Magnolias": "It's a great movie with wonderful acting, but the daughter’s death destroys me and I cannot bear to watch it again." —jfuhreal "A Dog's Purpose": "It's a beautiful movie and the dog's personality feels so real and believable, but I don't think I could put myself through it again." —fauna_joy "Knives Out": "The mystery was amazing, but I can’t watch it again knowing the ending already." —orosek26 "Se7en: "It's a good story, but the imagery is so disturbing that the idea of having to sit through it again makes my stomach turn." —brenleyhorrocks7079 "Fight Club": "First of all, it’s really disturbing. And second of all, it's hard to watch again when you already know what the twist is at the end." —bethanymeyer89 "Django Unchained": "People love this movie as a revenge fantasy, but the violence toward people of color, combined with the frequent use of the n-word, made my stomach churn." —chippysalsa

"What Psychotic Things Do You Do?"

Reddit user u/Cribtopia... "what psychotic things do you do?" Replies include: "Leave crumbs in the butter, put the toilet paper on backwards, pee sitting down, microwave ice cream to make it soft, wear wet socks to bed." -- "put ice cream in coffee." "pee directly into the center of the toilet bowl and not quietly in the side." "Take bites out of string cheese." "Put ketchup on chili cheese fries." "Let the microwave reach 0 and beep four times."

Facebook Tests Prompts That Ask Users If They're Worried A Friend Is 'Becoming An Extremist'

Facebook is testing prompts that ask users if they're worried a friend is “becoming an extremist.” As part of the test, others are being notified that they may have been exposed to extremist content. The alert then redirects the user to a support page. The test the social media company is running stems from its Redirect Initiative, which aims to combat violent extremism.

Chick-fil-A Again Leads Restaurant Industry in Customer Satisfaction

For the seventh year in a row, Chick-fil-A has the highest rating for customer satisfaction among large full- and limited-service restaurants. The American Customer Satisfaction Index survey included interviews with more than 19,000 consumers about recent restaurant experiences from April 1, 2020 through most of this past March. Chick-fil-A’s rating — 83 out of 100 — dipped slightly compared to a year earlier, even as the overall scores for limited-service restaurants stayed the same. Among 36 major full- and limited-service restaurant chains, McDonald’s landed the lowest customer satisfaction score: 70 out of 100. Some well-known chains fared in the mid to low range of customer ratings. Those included Arby’s (77), Dunkin’ (77), Buffalo Wild Wings (76) and Sonic (73). Papa John’s had a 77 rating. The pandemic financially hammered many restaurant chains last year and forced them to reshape their operations. Industry sales fell as people turned to buying more groceries or shifted from dining inside restaurants to having food delivered or picking it up. Chick-fil-A, the third largest U.S. restaurant chain by sales, was an exception. Its systemwide sales grew.

Round Hot Dogs Go Viral

An online butcher is offering round hot dogs and social media is confused by the meat. Unlike traditional hot dogs, Rastelli's round hot dogs are flat and fit better on a hamburger bun than a traditional hot dog bun. The round hot dogs went viral but social media users were confused saying round hot dogs already exist and they are called bologna. But Rastelli’s says their round hot dogs differ from bologna because they use Black Angus Beef and Premium Pork, chopped together not fully liquified “like some traditional bologna.”

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton File for Marriage License

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are planning to say their vows soon and sources say it’s this weekend. They applied for their marriage license Tuesday in Oklahoma and now they have 10 days from the date they file for a marriage license to tie the knot. Sources say Gwen and Blake are set to marry Saturday at Blake’s Oklahoma Ranch. If the weather cooperates, the ceremony will be held in an outdoor chapel on the ranch.

In Theaters This Independence Day Weekend-- OPENING IN WIDE RELEASE

The Boss Baby: Family Business (PG) Sequel to 2017’s DreamWorks Animation comedy “The Boss Baby” will also be streaming on the newly launched NBCUniversal online platform Peacock. Alec Baldwin is returning to voice the suit-clad toddler with an inspiring can-do attitude, while James Marsden, Amy Sedaris and Jeff Goldblum round out the voice cast. (PROJECTION: $15M.) The Forever Purge (-R-) The final chapter in the unsettling series about a 12-hour period in which all crimes, including murder, are legal. The fifth entry, starring Ana De La Reguera and Tenoch Huerta, takes the no-holds-barred event to the extreme, granting civilians not just one day of government-sanctioned anarchy, but an unending spree of mass mayhem. (PROJECTION: $10M.) Zola (-R-) A social-media-infused comedy. The first that’s been inspired by a viral Twitter thread. It stars Taylour Paige and Riley Keough as fast friends who embark on a road trip to Florida strip clubs. (PROJECTION: $2M-$4M.)

Meghan McCain is Leaving ‘The View’

“The View” is loosing their conservative voice, Meghan McCain. She told viewers that she’s leaving when he current season wraps up at the end of July. McCain said, “I am just going to rip the Band-Aid off. I am here to tell all of you, my wonderful co-hosts and viewers at home, that this is going to be my last season here at The View." Meghan had her first child in September and she said that played a big part in her decision. Her co-hosts praised her, with Whoopi Goldberg saying it had been "wonderful" to work with her and Joy Behar calling her a "formidable opponent."

Today's AUDIO:

Topic Starters: What was someone throwing out that you decided to save and take home?

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  6. Calls with set-ups.

Reporter Accidentally Says Bill Clinton Instead Of Bill Cosby

  1. A BBC reporter accidentally said 'Bill Clinton' instead of 'Bill Cosby' while reporting on Cosby's release from prison.

Ed Sheeran Explains His Daughter's Unique Name

  1. Ed Sheeran talked about why he named his baby daughter Lyra Antarctica.

Richard Branson Announces He'll Fly To Space Before Jeff Bezos

  1. Branson announcement during a promotional video.

Meghan McCain Quits The View

  1. Meghan McCain made the announcement on Thursday that this will be her last season on 'The View.'

President Biden Speaks With Families Of Condo Collapse

  1. President Biden spoke about his experience meeting with family members of people who died or are missing in last week's condo building collapse in Miami.


How do I ask my girlfriend her weight?

(Serious) What are some men’s issues that are overlooked?

What is said to me about my dog vs what is said to my husband about my dog

"So I’ve noticed a thing. My husband and I are proud fur-parents of a totally gorgeous fluff ball...

"... When I’m walking him around the neighborhood I get comments from randoms about how he’s chubby, he’s carrying too much weight, or just that he’s ‘big’....

"... When my husband walks him, who also has a bit of a belly because working from home and lockdown came for him too, he only ever gets gushing compliments. People stop to love on the dog and compliment HIM for how cute the dog is. I have asked him if anyone has ever commented on the dogs weight in his presence, or implied that he is spoiled. Never. Not once.

"I always knew women’s bodies were public property but I didn’t realize this included our fur babies as well..."


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