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Content for Friday, August 20

These Are the Jobs Your Partner Wishes You Had

Zippia asked 1,000 workers about what common jobs they thought were most attractive for a romantic partner out of a list of 250. Main Findings:

  • Women said the most attractive job in a partner was “doctor,” while men preferred “nurse.”

  • The 25 most attractive jobs according to women respondents have an average pay of $74,154.

  • Meanwhile, the 25 most attractive jobs according to male respondents only pay $56,129 on average.

  • Men were more fond of jobs known for appearance, including dancers and actors.

  • While teachers of all levels broke the top 25 for men, not a single education job broke women’s top 25.

  • Similarly, the men top 25 had a high number of service jobs, including maid and waitress.

  • Farmers need not rely on Farmers’ Only- they are the 25th most desirable job according to women.

  • Men said the least attractive job for a partner was “janitor,” while women don’t like someone in a fast food uniform.

Most attractive to men:

  • Nurse

  • Elementary school teacher

  • Doctor

  • Secretary

  • Lawyer

Most attractive to women:

  • Doctor

  • Lawyer

  • Carpenter

  • Engineer

  • Project manager

Least attractive to men:

  • Janitor

  • Truck driver

  • Fast food worker

  • Plumber

  • Security guard

Least attractive to women:

  • Fast food worker

  • Janitor

  • Truck driver

  • Cashier

  • Maid

No BOOZE Until 2022: American Airlines Will Not Serve Alcohol On Flights Until Next Year

American Airlines says it will not serve alcohol in the main cabin of its flights until next year. The airlines suspended alcohol service in the main cabin of its flights earlier this summer due to the pandemic but planned to resume service on September 13th when the transportation mask mandate was originally set to expire. The TSA announced this week that it would extend the mandate through January 18th “to minimize the spread of COVID-19 on public transportation.” So American announced that it will not serve alcohol in the main cabin of its flights until January 18, 2022.

It Turns Out Those Plastic Barriers Put Up To Stop COVID-19 May Actually Make It Easier To Spread

It turns out that plastic barriers that were put up at sales counters and order windows across America during the pandemic may actually be facilitating the spread of the COVID not protecting people from it. One study found that plastic screens around desks in classrooms were linked to increased transmission of COVID-19, while another study found that the barriers impeded air flow. Scientists say that under normal ventilation circumstances, exhaled virus particles are dispersed and replaced by fresh air every 15 to 30-minutes. With barriers in place that change air flow, dead zones can be created where the fresh air doesn’t travel and the virus particles concentrate leading to the spread of the coronavirus.

NBA: An Angry LeBron James Reacts To Not Getting Any Votes For Best Player In The League From Anonymous League Execs

LeBron James isn’t too thrilled with not getting any votes for the best player in the NBA. ESPN polled several scouts and executives around the league and none of them voted for the Los Angeles Lakers star as the best player in the league. (Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kevin Durant each received 5 votes.) After the poll was revealed, LeBron tweeted “THANK YOU! As if I didn’t’ need more to fuel me!”

Hot Dogs Shorten Your ‘Healthy Life’... By 36 Minutes

Eating a hot dog my shorten your “healthy life” by up to 36 minutes. On the other hand, eating a serving of cashews instead may extend it by 26 minutes. Those are just some of the findings in a new study that concludes substituting just 10% of your usual daily caloric intake from beef and processed meats with a mixture of fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and some seafoods may result in two major benefits. Your dietary carbon footprint will drop by a third and you’ll extend your window of healthy living by an extra 48 minutes every single day. When researchers talk about “healthy living,” they’re referring to the ability to live life on one’s own terms, without having to deal with fragility, sickness, or disability.

Half of Americans Think They’ll Never Have a Pain-Free Day Again

Nearly half of Americans worry they’ll never have another pain-free day in their lives. A new study asked people about their daily experience and the impact on their life of dealing with aches and pains. Along with finding that 48% believe they’ll never have a pain-free day again, the average American says they only have 13 truly pain-free days every year. During a typical year, respondents’ pain can be so intense that it causes them to cancel plans, making a significant impact on the enjoyment of their daily lives. 18% suspect they do in fact have chronic pain. Regardless of their diagnosis, 44% wish their doctor would provide more pain management solutions than prescription painkillers. The average respondent feels 6 years older than they actually are due to aches and pains. When it comes to pain tolerance, however, 65% agree that women have a higher pain tolerance than men.

(Saved by Radio!) -- Man Claims $500k Powerball Prize… a Day Before it was Set to Expire!

A man from Massachusetts is a half a million dollars richer after cashing in on a winning lottery ticket which was set to expire. He had purchased the winning ticket last year and the winning numbers were revealed on Aug. 19, 2020. Powerball and other draw game prize winners have one year from the date of the drawing to claim prizes. The guy said: “I heard about a Powerball ticket expiring on the radio and then my nephew told me. I play at that store and have a plastic sleeve that I keep my tickets in. When I heard about the expiring ticket, I looked through the tickets in the sleeve and found a Powerball ticket from Aug. 19, 2020. I had it scanned at a convenience store and the clerk indicated that I had to go to the Lottery to claim the prize.” He plans to use his winning to buy a small house or year-round cottage.

New ‘Jeopardy!’ Host Now Has Old Podcast Remarks about Jews and Haiti to Explain

Mike Richards, the new permanent host of ‘Jeopardy!’ had been named in discrimination lawsuits during his time as a producer on ‘The Price Is Right’, was forced to explain past sexist remarks, and now he’s having to explain the content in some old his old podcast episodes. In the episodes he talks negatively about Jews, poor people, women, Haiti, and his admiration for white male TV hosts. Some of the eyebrow-raising remarks from 41 episodes of ‘The Randumb Show’ include:

  • While asking his podcast co-host if she'd ever taken nude pics of herself: "Like booby pictures? What are we looking at?"

  • Women who wear one-piece swimsuits: It makes them look "really frumpy and overweight."

  • On big noses: "Ixnay on the ose-nay. She's not an ew-Jay."

  • Regarding his co-host's apartment issues: "Does Beth live, like, in Haiti? Doesn't it sound like that? Like, the urine smell, the woman in the muumuu, the stray cats."

  • On his admiration for Survivor host Jeff Probst: "I like, you know, the average white-guy host."

  • On his admiration for American Idol host Ryan Seacrest: "He's actually made the world a safer place for what I like to call the 'skinny white host.'"

  • Additional cringe: in some of the podcasts, Richards used the r-word and a slur for little people, as well as said a homeless woman given a dollar by his co-host would simply use it for "some crack" or "meth."

  • He also made a prophetic statement: "See, what I am is horrible at all trivia. I don't have that kind of mind. If I had gotten on Jeopardy! Well, I never would have gotten on Jeopardy!, let's be square."

Richards said, "It is humbling to confront a terribly embarrassing moment of misjudgment, thoughtlessness, and insensitivity from nearly a decade ago.” He said the podcast was "irreverent conversations between longtime friends who had a history of joking around. Looking back now, there is no excuse, of course, for the comments I made on this podcast, and I am deeply sorry." He said that he's taken the episodes offline.

Britney Spears Under Investigation for Striking Housekeeper

Britney Spears is now under investigation for possibly striking one of her housekeeper at her home. The housekeeper was not hurt, but a complaint was filed with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office sheriff’s office. The housekeeper told cops she had taken one of Britney’s dogs to the vet, claiming there were issues with the treatment of the pet. The housekeeper claims Britney confronted her when she got back from the vet, they argued about the dog's wellness and then Britney allegedly slapped the housekeeper's phone out of her hands. Britney’s camp say the housekeeper is making it up and the case will go nowhere. A source connected to Britney denies there was any physical altercation, and claims the Sheriff's Department assured Brittney’s camp the case would go nowhere. The sheriff’s office will forward the results of its investigation to the District Attorney’s Office for potential consideration of misdemeanor battery charges against Britney.

Waiter Surprised With $4,500 Tip 2 Days After Receiving Homophobic Message on Tip-Less Check

A Wisconsin waiter was surprised with a $4,500 tip, two days after a customer wrote him a homophobic message — without leaving a tip — on a check. On Sunday, a customer received a $142.95 check after having dinner at a restaurant in Madison. Even though the service was good, as the customer pointed out in a note, the patron decided not to leave a tip, writing: “Service was good but we don’t tip sinfull (sic) homosexuals." Two days later, Madison resident Eric Salzwedel went to the same restaurant, requested the waiter who lost out on a tip, and surprised him with the generous tip — which was the result of collaboration of more than 200 strangers. Salzwedel is one of the co-founders of Do Good Wisconsin, a local organization “dedicated to helping local non-profits, organizations, and teachers continue to make an impact in their community by supporting their efforts.” He posted a photo of the two checks on social media, writing “to the folks who felt it was necessary to write this hateful note and not tip… don’t worry.” He added that about 250 people had pitched in to “cover the tip for you.” The waiter, who didn’t want to be publicly named, was surprised and appreciative of the show of kindness and support.

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Guys and gals, what's the longest you've gone without shaving?

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Man Claims $500k Powerball Prize A Day Before it was Set to Expire

  1. Here's a news report on the story.

Demi Lovato May Someday Identify As Trans

  1. Demi Lovato says her gender journey might always continue saying, "I definitely think it's a journey forever..."

Melissa Joan Hart Is Vaccinated, And Has Bad Case Of COVID

  1. Melissa Joan Hart went on Instagram Live to say, "I am vaccinated and I got Covid and it's bad." She thinks her kids got it at school and passed it to her.

  2. Melissa talks about her other child wearing his mask to school each day, because he was used to it.

Chrissy Teigen Scolds Shawn Mendes

  1. Chrissy Teigen went on social media to show the crowd of fans below her New York hotel window, to catch a glimpse of Shawn Mendes. She started to complain in the video, then acted like an excited fan and shouted out to Mendes as he ran across the street.


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