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Content for Friday, August 13

Six In 10 Parents Support Mask Mandates In Schools

According to a new poll… a majority of parents support mask mandates in schools. Researchers that six in 10 parents agree that unvaccinated students and teacher s should wear face coverings in the classroom. But about 60% also said schools should not mandate the COVID vaccine for students.

Poll Reveals 1 in 3 Pet Owners Experiencing Post-Pandemic Pet Regret

A recent poll of Florida pet owners who had adopted or bought an animal during the pandemic says over a third are experiencing post-pandemic pet regret. The poll revealed that over 1 in 3 pet owners worry that they will not be able to care for their pets adequately as life returns to normal and they spend less time at home. The poll also found that over 1 in 3 of new pandemic puppy owners indicated their dog lacks critical social and training skills which are vital to development. Missing out on walks in public spaces and lack of exposure to other people and dogs due to social distancing regulations could be to blame. 53% of those polled admit they did no prior research before getting their pet during the pandemic.

Gen Z’s are More Willing to Wear Recycled Clothing Than Own It

A new study found that Gem Z’s are more willing to rent clothes instead of owning their own wardrobe. For Gen Z’s, it’s all about cutting down on waste and reducing overconsumption. Advocates for apparel rental, or collaborative apparel consumption, argue that renting outfits extends the life of clothing because consumers usually throw out items after a few wears. Gen Z’s still want to be fashionable, but don’t feel the need to actually own the products they use. When it comes to what makes recycling outfits so appealing to Gen Z’s, researchers found young adults feel their actions are making a difference in the world. While renting all your outfits may be a fairly new concept, the idea of recycling certain items of clothing is not a new thing.

For $2 Million, a Chance to Spend Eternity Next to Marilyn Monroe and Hugh Hefner

You can be buried next to Marilyn Monroe and Hugh Hefner in Los Angeles but it’s going to cost you at least $2 million. Located at Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park the granite crypt was purchased in the 1990s by theatrical composer and lyricist Jerry Herman. But when he died in 2019, he was buried in New Jersey instead. The family now wants to sell the unused crypt. They will consider bids starting at $2 million.

Woman Marries Man Convicted Of Killing Her Brother

A woman in Ohio married a man convicted of killing her half-brother in the 1980s, with the couple exchanging vows while he’s on house arrest awaiting a retrial. The man and woman began their strange relationship when she wrote him a letter saying she forgave himfor killing her half-brother in 1987. He popped the question to her on the phone on New Year’s 2020, when they weren’t sure he’d ever get out of prison. The man got out of prison July 22nd after he was granted a new trial based on a slew of images and missing police reports. So, they took advantage of his time out of prison and got married.

(Insecurities) -- Nearly Half of Americans Turn their Camera Off During Zoom Meetings

Nearly half of Americans feel nervous to go out in the real world without masks or the face-softening filters on video conferencing platforms. A survey asked respondents about how their confidence level has been affected by the pandemic. 48% of respondents have taken steps to “rethink” how they look in virtual meetings, including washing their face more frequently and wearing heavier makeup than usual. Because of their insecurities about their appearance, another 48% have turned off their camera during a video call. According to 3 in 5 moms, social media has influenced how teens perceive themselves. Moms also believe that peer pressure on social media, influencers/vloggers, and Photoshopped pictures have made their own teenage child more insecure. 2 in 5 moms also noticed a negative change in their teen’s skin during the pandemic and think puberty, wearing a mask, and stress are all contributing to the change.

Britney Spears' Father Agrees to Step Down as Conservator

Britney Spears' father says he will step aside as her conservator. Jamie Spears and Britney Spears have been battling in court for a year over the issue, and outside court for much longer. Britney’s lawyer petitioned the court last month to have her dad replaced as conservator, but a judge declined to remove him. In a court filing yesterday, Jamie’s lawyers said that while there are no grounds for removing him, and while it's not clear that changing conservators is in the singer's best interests, he still plans to work toward "an orderly transition to a new conservator." No date for the change was announced.

Horatio Sanz Sued For Sexual Assault By 'SNL' Fan Claiming He Groomed Her

Horatio Sanz allegedly groomed a young “Saturday Night Live” fan for sex and sexually assaulted her at an after-party when she was underage, according to a new lawsuit. The former “SNL" star is being sued by a woman in Pennsylvania, who claims he groped her breasts and her butt and digitally penetrated her without her consent at an 'SNL' party back in the day, in front of numerous NBC employees. According to the lawsuit, Horatio allegedly sexually assaulted the girl back in May 2002 when she was 17-years-old, plying her with booze at a couple 'SNL' parties in New York City. The accuser claims she started talking to Horatio when she was 15 and running an 'SNL' fan website. In the docs, she claims Horatio immediately started grooming her, being flirty and affectionate when they met in person and steering online conversations in an increasingly sexual direction. The woman claims Horatio knew she was underage when he allegedly sexually assaulted her and says NBC should have known but never stepped in. In her suit, the accuser claims she became depressed and ashamed after the alleged sexual assault and she turned to "dissociative drugs" as a way of self-medicating and was eventually hospitalized for treatment. She claims she ran into Horatio in 2019 at an NYC comedy event, where he admitted to having "cybersex" with her and masturbating during their online convos when she was underage. She also claims he later fessed up in text messages to feeling terrible about his actions and vowed that he was now a different person. The woman is suing Horatio, NBCUniversal and “SNL” Studios for damages. Horatio's lawyer is denying the accusations in the lawsuit, calling the woman's claims "categorically false" and “ludicrous."

Lollapalooza Wasn't A 'Super Spreader' Event, Says Chicago Health Officials

Health officials in Chicago say Lollapalooza wasn’t a COVID super spreader event. The music festival reported that 90% of its attendees, which is an estimated 385,000, were vaccinated. Of those vaccinated, .0004% have reported testing positive and .0016% of those who attended unvaccinated but tested negative prior to attending have reported testing positive. Health officials revealed there are 203 current total COVID cases identified among Lollapalooza attendees, traced by system onset or test date if asymptomatic. Fifty-eight were Chicago residents, 138 were non-Chicago Illinois residents and 7 reported cases were from out of state residents.

West Virginia College To Fine Unvaccinated Students $750, Turn Quarantine Into Cash Grab

Wesleyan College in West Virginia announced students will face a $750 non-refundable fine if they are not vaccinated or show up to campus this fall without proof of vaccination. Students who get COVID-19 and can’t return home will be charged a $250 fee to quarantine on campus. Those students will be given 48 hours of free “contained housing” before needing to find their own living arrangements off campus. Students who are fully vaccinated can go back to normal campus activities and won’t have to wear a mask unless they want to. Unvaccinated students still need to wear masks and will be required to social distance. They will also need to do weekly COVID-19 tests and will have limited access to on-campus facilities and venues.

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Michael Keaton On Returning To 'Batman' Role

  1. After 30 years, Michael Keaton is returing to the 'Batman/Bruce Wayne' role for the upcoming 'Flash' movie. He talked about putting the suit back on.

Britney Spears Gets Sexy Over Ice Cream Sundae

  1. While on Instagram Live, Britney Spears' boyfriend, Sam, stares at an ice cream sundae, wondering if he should eat it. Britney is heard making sexual noises in the background.

Olivia Rodrigo Answers 'This Or That' Questions

  1. Variety asked Olivia Rodrigo random "This or That" questions.

Jimmy Kimmel Live

  1. Guest host Sarah Silverman jokes about having to show proof of vaccination in Los Angeles.

  2. Silverman jokes about the NFL trying to enforce a "no trash-talk" rule with players for the upcoming season.

Dr. Fauci Talks About Vaccine Boosters

  1. Dr. Fauci says masking in schools is recommended to keep children safe.

  2. Fauci says only the immuno-compromised should get a vaccine booster shot right now.


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